Is It Possible To Build A Million Dollar Online Business? Hit Play & Let’s Chat With Vivian Kaye


Is It Possible To Build A Million Dollar Online Business? Hit Play & Let’s Chat With Vivian Kaye

Have you ever secretly wondered to yourself if it was actually possible to turn your ideas into a million-dollar business? If you nodded your head yes then this episode is especially for YOU! We are talking to Vivian Kaye! One of the baddest mompreneurs to ever get in the game and here’s the key takeaway. If she could build a million-dollar business from scratch while raising her son Xavier as a single mom then what’s stopping you from getting started!?

If you’ve been around here for any length of time then you know that my heart is to turn ambitious goal-getters just like you into purpose-inspired leaders and influencers who not only hit their goals that seem impossible but help others to do the same. My heart of my mission is really “each one, teach one”. As we learn new things we multiple that information and show that we truly understand it by first applying it to our life, goals, and business ideas, and then by passing it along to others.

So with that in mind, I work my little butt off to bring you (yes you reading this) the best, most practical, and easy to apply content on the planet when it comes to turning your goals into reality, and today’s episode is no different. We are talking to Vivian Kaye! One of the baddest mompreneurs to ever get in the game. She is a 7 figure businesswoman who grew her business from scratch while raising her son Xavier as a single mom.

The Challenges

I’m sure you can imagine some of the basic day-to-day pressures Vivian experienced while raising her son as a single parent, but can you try to picture what it was like to build a business on top of that pressure?! Lol, insane right?!

Single Mom

I grew up with a single mom who raised 4 kids on her own so now as a mom of 3, I can empathize with parents who are working hard trying to take care of their responsibilities while at the same time pursue and express their purpose at it’s the highest level. It’s a challenge, to say the least!

This might be where you’re at. You might be a single parent with a big dream of being self-employed with absolutely no idea how you’re going to get this goal off the ground and first of all, I gotta say, you’re amazing for being committed to this vision even when it doesn’t seem possible and two, you gotta enroll in your next 90-days. This is a FREE mini-course I made for people like you who have big, inspiring dreams but lack the clarity on how to navigate through it to actually get results.

This will walk you through the bare minimum things you need to implement to successfully get your butt into action and lift your goals off the ground because guess what, your goals will not achieve themself! Lol you gotta actually get to work and I know you’re doing your best so I wanna help you get the ball rolling faster with this FREE mini-course.

Battle With Depression

When you hit play you will hear Vivian talk about her experience with depression and how she works to manage it on a daily basis because my friend, success, results, building an empire, and hitting your goals does not bring happiness or cure any internal wounds, trama’s, or experiences.

We have to commit to working on ourselves daily. We have to commit to the healing process and making sure that we are good. This is not anyone else’s job but ours and trust me when I tell you, no one can do this work for you.

College Drop Out

Listen, if anyone had a reason to not believe in themself and to think they could never build a successful business or turn their vision into something tangible it was Vivian. As a college drop out the whole world saw her as a failure. Back when she started in business being an entrepreneur was not cool. It was criticized, misunderstood, and very quickly you could be judged and labeled as a misfit, but she didn’t let it stop her because she was building her business out of necessity.

Hit play to learn from Vivian Kaye, be inspired by her story and find the motivation to start writing your own.

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