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radically transform your life & business

If you don’t work towards your goals you’ll never achieve them. When you execute your goals with a supportive coach using the 90 Day Framework you become your best self and life get a whole lot more fulfilling

Master The Inner Game of Goal Achievement

Most people walk around with their thoughts on autopilot using sheer determination and effort to accomplish ambitious goals. This only get you so far. Come with me and I’ll show you how to master the inner game of goal achievement

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life is too short to waste it living on the sidelines

How much further along in your life and business would you be if you took consistent action towards your goals, had regular accountability, and knew how to structure your days, weeks, and months for maximum productivity? Probably further than you are now. So how much is not having these things really costing you? 92% of people fail to achieve their goals every year.

In our coaching experience you won’t be one of them.

Every goal should be aligned with your purpose
Thank you Tee!! I actually had so many takeaways. What really struck me was your teaching that "every goal should be aligned with your purpose" & not to be burdened by our responsibilities but see them as blessings.
- A. Highland
Simple steps to get my mind focused and my rear in gear
Tee you were amazing!!! So laid back and easy to follow. Simple steps to get my mind focused and my rear in gear to take action. Thank you!

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Achieving your goals & radically transforming your life starts with a decision

Create a whole new life in 4 weeks or less. This isn’t about setting a bunch of goals and seeing what sticks. This is about having strategic goals that challenge you to RISE


what coaching includes

everything you need to upgrade your life

intensive performance training

Discover what you're capable of with training that's designed to expand your capacity and dismantle your limitations.

deep dive Coaching sessions

Gain the breakthrough coaching you need to reinvent yourself, subdue your fears, embody courage, and take your life to the next level.

tools & resources

Increase your ability to perform with healthy, productive, wholesome practices that lead to the fulfillment of your goals

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coaching opportunities

to accelerate your sales, performance, & personal growth

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the quantum leap experience

Are you ready to double your sales and take your business to the next level in just 6 weeks? This intensive performance coaching program is designed to help you collapse time and achieve peak performance to generate big results fast. If you’re ready to take your sales to the next level apply now to start your transformation.


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the rapid growth experience

Are you generating a minimum of $10k/mo in your business and looking to accelerate your learning, growth, and results? If so, you’ll wanna be apart of our exclusive 6-month high-intensity coaching program where you’ll gain the mindsets and skills required to achieve 10x growth with half the effort. Spots are limited, so apply now to start your rapid growth journey.

for deep personal transformation

the trailblazer experience

Ready to step into the trailblazing version of yourself? This high-value 12 month coaching experience will radically transform your life and business by providing the ongoing support and accountability you need to effectively lead and transform your organization. With a compelling vision for the future and the ability to flawlessly execute on strategy there is no way your goals won’t become your reality.


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Take your goal achievement game to the next level this year by becoming your best self

Are you like the average person? Research reveals, the average person makes the same New Year’s resolution 10 times without any success and 92% of people fail to achieve their goals every year. If you find yourself struggling to figure out how to get life to work for you, grinding overtime to achieve your goals,  settling for the way life is instead of going for what you want, or waiting for things to get better but they rarely do I invite you to apply to join me in The Quantum Leap Experience. In the words of our clients “You’ll be glad you did!”

live your life by design not default

with a community of people who have your back

In this self-paced monthly membership you go on a journey to radically transform your life, discover a healthy approach to high performance that doesn’t include working until you burn out, and get the strategic training, support, and accountability you need to consistently soar to new heights.

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Accomplishing your goals should not feel like a never ending obstacle course

Discover a daily practice for high performance & personal growth that leads you to think bigger, act bolder, & achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Theresa Forever
How’s that working for you? And if you keep doing what you’re currently doing where will you end up? Exactly where you are, right?!
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