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It's Only Crazy Until It Happens

When it comes to waiting around for change you might end up waiting for FOREVER which is NOT a strategy especially for the goal-getter who wants to play at a higher level so it’s time to get your butt into gear my friend! And I can’t wait to help you!

that's me!

Wanna play A Bigger Game But Not Sure Where To Start?

For as long as you can remember you’ve had the same dream nagging at you, reminding you that you can’t afford to settle! There is work to do, people to inspire, and a world to change, but it all starts one step!

In 90-Days: One Goal I’ll show you how to get from where you are to where you wanna be following a simple 90-day process!

"goals need to be realistic!"

Said no one Who Has Ever Achieved Anything Great

Here’s what I say. Realistic is relative. How can anyone measure and provide a standard for what is realistic for you when the measurement they use is based on their own limited perspective? It just won’t work. And yet here we are walking around in our every day life hoping to one day change the world while accepting the limiting beliefs of others and trying to overcome our own. It’s a formula for disaster! But there’s hope.

it’s called alignment

the reviews

Every goal should be aligned with your purpose
Thank you Tee!! I actually had so many takeaways. What really struck me was your teaching that "every goal should be aligned with your purpose" & not to be burdened by our responsibilities but see them as blessings.
- A. Highland
Simple steps to get my mind focused and my rear in gear
Tee you were amazing!!! So laid back and easy to follow. Simple steps to get my mind focused and my rear in gear to take action. Thank you!

if you’re like most struggling goal-getters

you're good at setting goals you just suck at actually Achieving them

Am I right? If you said “yep” That’s okay because we’ve all been there! In fact 91% of people fail to achieve their goals. Why? Are they lazy, undisciplined procrastinators? I know I wasn’t!

Most of us are overwhelmed, wrestling with fear, and struggling to be consistent and that’s okay because up until now that’s all you knew.

Grab this free mini-course Your Next 90-Days and I’ll show you how to create some traction in the next 90-days

the reviews

Connecting with Theresa really shifted my life and business.
Theresa pointed out things in my belief system that were holding me back from becoming the skillful play writer that I am. She challenged me to stop trying to perfect my craft and to simply get started. Connecting with Theresa really shifted my life and business.
After working with Theresa I feel more optimistic, inspired and motivated
After working with Theresa I feel more optimistic, inspired and motivated. I'm excited for what the future brings as I keep crushing my goals and creating new ones. The direct and personal reviews were great as a chance to discuss weekly progress thoroughly. Theresa's enthusiasm to mentor was most enjoyable, life-changing and extremely contagious as I felt it gave me an extra push to set and achieve my goals.

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The Programs

welcome to the personal development lab for goal-getters, trailblazers, & future entrepreneurs!

Where we turn those big crazy, seemingly impossible, kinda scary, people would laugh at me goals into your REAL life one step at a time! Because everything seems impossible until it’s done

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create success from the inside out with:


You ever ask yourself “what’s the point of my life? Why am I here? And when will this all be over?” I’m sure you have because we all do! This program is designed to help you answer all of this and more!

In Alignment I walk you through how to find the answers to these deep questions and then once you discover them I show you how to turn those ideas, visions, and insights into goals!

for the trailblazers whose ready for more:

90-Days: One Goal

So you know when the new year rolls around and you start setting new goals, but you never actually get around to getting started? Well, this 90-day program is designed to help you take the right action, at the right time, the right way so you can start producing results…NOW.

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for the brand new entrepreneur who wants to make an impact:

the online business bundle

Building a brand online can be confusing, seem like way too much work, and suck the life right out of your inspiring vision so allow me to walk you through every part of what you need to grow your brand new online business.

looking for this?

I Need Some Timely, Practical, & Solid Advice...That Actually Works

Head over to the podcast and jump in on inner circle conversations with millionaire mompreneurs and every day trailblazers who are doing the work (just like you) to impact the world and make money while doing it! I’ll share all of my biggest tips and strategies for going from being stuck and overwhelmed to living with clear goals and simple processes to get them done!

learn how to:

yes please!

master your time so you can crush bigger goals

Most struggling goal-getters who dream of achieving massive goals without all the overwhelm and burn out face one major (hidden) obstacle that always keeps that dream just beyond their reach. Their schedule doesn’t align with their goals! So come with me and I’ll show you how to master your time so you can start getting results!

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meet me at this FREE training:

Special Trailblazer Training

Imperfect action leads to your destiny. I’m going to walk you through how you can get your butt off the sidelines and into a purposeful life that is constantly progressing oh and trust me, it’s way simpler than you think.

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grab the mini-course!

Let me make this simple for you (like, simpler than you ever imagined). In this FREE training all about why achieving your goals is way easier than you think I’ll walk you through how to create realisitc goals and how to execute so that you can actually start seeing progress within the next 90-days!

btw, you can work through this whole course in less than one hour! You can thank me later! Xo.