20 Uncommon Habits that All Trailblazers Practice (Part 1)


20 Uncommon Habits that All Trailblazers Practice (Part 1)

Here’s a list of lesser-discussed Trailblazer habits that can have a significant impact on your life:

Ever wonder what makes Trailblazers who they are? I mean think about it, Trailblazers tend to think outside the box, break records, and do things that most people consider to be impossible! Where do they find the courage? What inspires them to take action? How do they refill their cup? In part 1 of this episode, you’ll discover 20 Uncommon Habits that all Trailblazers Practice so you can implement ONE this week! Hit play to get started! To hear part 2 head over here!

20 Uncommon Habits of Trailblazers

Grab your notebook and get ready to put these into action! You and I both know that it’s not enough to just know them; the real transformation happens when you weave them into the very fabric of your being. So, lean in and let’s explore how these little-known gems can work their wonders in your world. Hit play to dive in!

  1. Pursuing Unconventional Paths
  2. Consistent Delegation
  3. Understanding Sleep Quality
  4. Staying Present
  5. Embracing Failure as Feedback
  6. Mindful Consumption
  7. Practice active listening with themself
  8. Intentional
  9. Embracing Solitude
  10. Constant Curiosity
  11. Radical Responsibility
  12. Selective Ignorance
  13. Self-awareness
  14. Finding the good
  15. Risk-Taking
  16. Healthy Boundary Setting
  17. Regular Digital Detox
  18. Random Acts of Kindness
  19. Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  20. Regular Reflection

What’s Next?

Now that you have all 20 what’s next? Choose 1-3 and implement them for a few weeks. Once it feels natural implement the next batch of 2-3 and keep going. Remember, success habits vary from person to person, and it’s important to find what works best for you based on your goals and values. When you do a quick evaluation you’ll see that some of these things you may already be practicing while others you may struggle in. Start where would be most helpful for you and enjoy the growing process.

Alright, my dear friends, you’ve got the treasure map with all 20 gems of wisdom. Now, what’s the next step? It’s time to choose 1 to 3 of these precious habits and weave them into your daily tapestry. Let them become as natural as breathing. Once that feels like a walk in the park, dive into the next batch of 2 to 3 gems.

Now before you get started remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to success habits. It’s about crafting your unique path based on your vision and values so take a moment for a little self-reflection – you’ll find that some of these habits might already be in your repertoire, while others are waiting for their grand debut. Start where it feels most exciting and rewarding for you then embrace the journey! You are a masterpiece! Love you and I mean it, ciao!

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