Say what now?!

you don't need discipline to hit your goals

Yep, You read that right! Science confirms that 92% of people fail to achieve their goals within the first 30 days. Do you think that all of these people lack discipline?

I wish because then it would give us all a legit excuse for not hitting our goals!

The real reason is that they don’t have a system in place to help them get to the finish line.

So in this FREE mini-course I will walk you through the steps to create one so you can begin hitting your goals with less stress and more results! Sound good? Let’s get started!

the reviews

I keep crushing my goals and creating new ones.
After working with Theresa I feel more optimistic, inspired, and motivated. I'm excited for what the future brings as I keep crushing my goals and creating new ones.
- a. thompson
Theresa pointed out things in my belief system that were holding me back
Theresa pointed out things in my belief system that were holding me back from becoming the skillful play writer that I am. She challenged me to stop trying to perfect my craft and to simply get started. Connecting with Theresa really shifted my life and business.
- J..Brown

This Goodie Was Designed With You The Ambitious Goal-Getter In Mind!

You Can Complete This mini-course In Less Than 1 Hour

Inside you will find the bare minimum steps the most successful people take to create goals that are attainable. Plus, I’ll also show you how to effortlessly create momentum so you don’t have to work as hard!

"I can't believe this is FREE!"

here’s what you get!

1. Alignment

We know that understanding your purpose is what keeps high achievers motivated to get results no matter what challenges they face. So in the first lesson I’m going to show you how to align your goals with your purpose so you can get started on the right foot. Oh and don’t worry! If you feel like you don’t know what your purpose is I’ll walk you through the basics on how to discover it

2. Key Destinations

Ever jump into your car, turn on your GPS  and right away start to identify the major intersections and highways you will cross before getting to your destination? Well, this journey requires the same attention to detail so in the second lesson you will learn how to track your goals in chronological order so you can measure your progress and pivot when needed to get to your desired results.

3. The Framework

We know that the majority of people struggle to hit their goals within the first 30 days so I’m going to make it super easy for you by teaching you a 90-day framework that will help you to start taking baby steps towards your big purpose-inspired goals.


Of Course You Get

1. Mindset Mastery
Learn how to use the power of your brain to set and achieve goals with less struggle, overwhelm, and fear.
so you can hit goals with ease!
2. Minimize Distractions
Learn how to overcome the daily challenges that prevent you from turning your goals into something tangible.
because it's about time you actualized your goals.
Don't you think?

Supercharge Your Goal Setting With A 90-Day Framework & Become Unstoppable!

Which makes your success inevitable

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Special Trailblazer Training

Imperfect action leads to your destiny. I’m going to walk you through how you can get your butt off the sidelines and into a purposeful life that is constantly progressing oh and trust me, it’s way simpler than you think.

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