can i get an amen?

hitting your goals takes more than writing them down, mapping out a plan, and busting your butt until you see results

But you already know that. Because you can’t BUILD your life on a hope and a prayer and here’s what I mean

Looking for someone/something to give you the “secret” knowledge or tools that will CAUSE your life to take off

Or secretly hoping someone/something will come and resolve ALL your issues, roadblocks, and challenges just won’t cut it.

That’s called being PASSIVE.

I mean, the idea behind free content is so you can take what you learn from people who have achieved the things you desire and create a similar result based on your unique purpose and vision

But when it comes to waiting around for change to happen you might end up waiting for FOREVER!


which is not a strategy!

Especially For...

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The goal-getter who wants opportunities to grow and play at a higher level in life while overcoming self-sabotage and all of the other things that discourage so many from following through.

Or the overstretched mom who is just trying to make good on her commitment to be present for her kids while building a personally fulfilling life—in between laundry piles and virtual-school routines.

Or the under performing new leader or business owner that feels unheard and unseen while doing their best everyday to show up and take the next best step to create momentum.

For all of them (and maybe you too), trying to create big changes in your life without an effective strategy isn’t just a terrible idea.

It’s what leads to frustration and OVERWHELM!

Now I’m not suggesting peacing out on free self-help content. Definitely not.

but i am suggesting this:

A Simple Path

to establishing Traction in your life starting right where you are

That’s your goal. That’s how you lead the charge and begin to see steady progress overtime (even if you struggle with self-discipline or inconsistent follow-through)

It’s time to choose solid results over quick tips and general advice. This is the simple path I’d love to share with you in my brand-new FREE training, Traction.

It’s time to get your butt into gear, friend. And I can’t wait to help you figure it out.

I started a business!
Theresa helped me to rewrite my story and to turn my day dreaming into action. I started an online business to help people to be motivated and encouraged. I’m optimistic and hopeful for the future.
life-changing and extremely contagious
After working with Theresa I feel more optimistic, inspired and motivated. I'm excited for what the future brings as I keep crushing my goals and creating new ones. The direct and personal reviews were great as a chance to discuss weekly progress thoroughly. Theresa's enthusiasm to mentor was most enjoyable, life-changing and extremely contagious as I felt it gave me an extra push to set and achieve my goals.
Thank you for your continual support and accountability!
It's a great thing that you do this because a lot of people starting businesses, (like me) simply don't know what we're doing! We just need guidance. We need someone to teach us how to break free from our current struggles with goal planning and goal achievement and learn proven practical strategies along with having continual support and accountability and you provide that. Thank you!

as seen in

Theresa Forever


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Nate Dog


People ask me all the time, “Tee, how do you run a business with such young kids?” One word. TEAM. I have incredible people working with me behind the scenes including this guy (my husband). 

When I’m hosting webinars and masterclass parties he is making sure the kids are quiet in the background. When I have back to back meetings with clients he helps to make sure everyone is fed and taken care of. They say, behind every successful man is a strong woman, but I say behind every successful mompreneur is a team of hard-working angels! Can I get an amen?

Layah Baby


So you know all of the fancy instagram pics I post of the kids? Their usually taken by this girl (my 4 year old). Layah is not your average sugar plum let me tell you! Everyday with her I’m challenged to slow down and stop trying to race to the finish line because what is life if you aren’t present and enjoying the moments!

Maya Sunshine


After you have a few kids you might be blessed with one who is half as cute as Maya! Haha! I’m only teasing! But seriously! She is a star. Hang around her and you’ll be laughing, singing, dancing and feeling like a kid again. She is my daily reminder to be yourself no matter who is watching! She is one in a billion!

Papa Bear

future track star & youngest of 3

If you wanna drop 5 lbs a day come and babysit papa bear. He will keep you on your toes the entire time! Lol, he’s the youngest of 3 and is always running around the house touching everything in his path!

His name is Michael but we all call him pops (long story for another time). He has taught me the gift of patience. God won’t give you anything before it’s time and when the time comes enjoy it.

it's free!

how to turn your goals into reality

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Setting and achieving goals can feel like a rollercoaster! In fact, statistics show that the average person sets the same goal 10 times without success! That’s why I created the How To Turn Your Goals Into Reality podcast to share principle-based strategies and trade inspiring stories to prove the things you want are 100% possible!  Join the thousands tuning in monthly!

is this you?

calling all trailblazers

Tired of the cycle of setting goals and not quite hitting the mark? It’s time for a change. Step into RISE, my exclusive monthly membership, where you’ll find strategic coaching, rock-solid accountability, and the unwavering support you’ve been craving to make waves in your life and business.