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How To Turn Your Goals Into Reality Podcast 

The place where purpose-inspired leaders come to learn practical strategies to take action on your big, crazy and awe inspiring goals!

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Setting Intentions That Never Get Done? Try This! With Rebekah Lara

I'm Theresa Forever


I get it. Setting and achieving goals can feel like a rollercoaster! First you set the goal, then you do your best to achieve it, and some how life just keeps getting in the way. Sound familiar?

That’s why I created this podcast. For us to share principles-based strategies with each other. Trade inspiring stories to prove the things you want are possible and to create a collaborative community for Trailblazers to work together in creating the world they want one goal at a time.

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The content is rich with strategic idea

This show always has practical take-aways. The content is rich with strategic ideas, homework/practical exercises to help us apply the info, and a lot of fun! I just love Theresa! Thanks for all you do!


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