the best way to accomplish your goals is to tackle them head on

Let’s turn your boldest aspirations into your new normal making extraordinary accomplishments a regular part of your everyday life!

Say "Bye-Bye" To Unfinished Goals

Ever feel frustrated with your goals? You’re not alone! Let’s face it, working on something for months at a time without seeing any results can be discouraging. In fact, 60% of people give up after just 6 months and 25% throw in the towel after only a week. But here’s the exciting thing – there’s a better way!

Instead of struggling to figure things out, why not learn from those who’ve cracked the code? And that’s exactly what I spill in “Your Next 90 Days” – a FREE mini-course that’ll take you from idea to execution in under 1 hour!

Ditch the struggle and achieve your goals with confidence! Making your next 90 days the best ones yet!

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hey there! I'm Theresa but you can call me tee

Just a few years ago I was on maternity leave immersed in the beautiful challenge of having two sweet miracles under the age of 2. Becoming their mom was (and still is) one of the greatest experiences of my life. Yet amidst the joy and busyness, I sensed a calling that went beyond going back to work in pursuit of merely making a living. It was time to do something that exceeded superficial likes and a hefty bank account.

After a friend tried to comfort with, “This is just a season.” I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) ignore what I knew to be true. It was time to be a catalyst for change and make a difference in the world. So, with a leap of faith, I embarked on a blogging journey, not knowing the extraordinary transformation it would ignite in both my life and the community that embraced it.

Fast forward now 6 years later and here I stand living a life that surpasses even my most audacious goals while joyfully raising not just two, but three (yes, we welcomed a boy!) fun and courageous children under the age of 8. My mission remains unwavering – to help other Trailblazers make an impact beyond the confines of traditional methods, serve others with their unique gifts through business, and fufill their purpose one goal at a time.

The how to turn your goals into reality podcast

With a whopping 20,000 downloads and an impressive library of 200+ episodes, the How to Turn Your Goals into Reality podcast is an invaluable resource filled with the best-kept secrets on productivity, time management, and goal achievement. So whether you’re eager to scale your business, develop yourself, or simply want to transform your aspirations into tangible results, this podcast is ready to become your top favorite!

I now set goals every week and work towards them everyday.”

 I was allowing life to just happen to me while sitting back hoping that one day things will be different but now I am fighting harder by taking action so that my dreams can become reality. 


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Accomplishing your goals should not feel like a never ending obstacle course

Discover a daily practice for high performance & personal growth that leads you to think bigger, act bolder, & achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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