Still Setting Annual Goals & Have Nothing To Show For It?

Grab my hand and come with me! I’ll show you The #1 Way To Blaze A Trail & Carve Your Own Path In 2021 So that you don’t have to keep living your life on the sidelines



All Success Begins With Understanding Your Purpose.

Yep! You read that right. When your goals are aligned with your purpose you will be more motivated to do what has to be done and you will stay the course for the long haul. Download this FREE questionnaire to work through 5 questions that will help you start your  journey on the right foot!



i’m Theresa, Your New Accountability Partner!

I get it. Setting and achieving goals can be a rollercoaster (and God knows those are my LEAST favorite ride)! You spend a bunch of time thinking about where you wanna be in the next year then you put all of your energy into mapping out your best plan (woooohoo!),  and then you set a deadline for when you wanna see it happen.

A few weeks go by and you haven’t even begun. You keep telling yourself “I’ll get started next next”. Then your deadline rolls around and you are still EXACTLY where you started. With no progress or results to show for the time spent planning.

Sound familiar? This is the story of my life! Have a seat and let’s chat. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned and how to turn your big purpose driven goals into your real life!

I now set goals every week and work towards them everyday.”

 I was allowing life to just happen to me while sitting back hoping that one day things will be different but now I am fighting harder by taking action so that my dreams can become reality. 



90-Days: One Goal

Ready to set goals you can actually achieve instead of struggling every year trying to be disciplined?

This program is a practical step-by-step goal-setting and execution program designed with you the ambitious goal-getter in mind (even if you’re just getting started)!

Listen friend, I know what it’s like to watch years go by without seeing one leap of progress happen in your life. I don’t want that to happen to you.

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i can’t believe this is free:


ready to achieve those ambitous goals?

How about this year we graduate from the struggling  goal-getter bus with little to no results to join the impactful trailblazer plane. Yea? Meet me in this FREE mini-course designed to thoroughly walk you through the process so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did when I got started!

meet me at this FREE training:

Special Trailblazer Training

Imperfect action leads to your destiny. I’m going to walk you through how you can get your butt off the sidelines and into a purposeful life that is constantly progressing oh and trust me, it’s way simpler than you think.

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grab the mini-course!

Let me make this simple for you (like, simpler than you ever imagined). In this FREE training all about why achieving your goals is way easier than you think I’ll walk you through how to create realisitc goals and how to execute so that you can actually start seeing progress within the next 90-days!

btw, you can work through this whole course in less than one hour! You can thank me later! Xo.