3 Things You Can Do To Stay Laser Focused On Your Goals


3 Things You Can Do To Stay Laser Focused On Your Goals

“Do you have any tips for staying in your lane and being ok with the small progress you are making when constantly surrounded by people who seem to be doing more?” This is a question someone recently asked me at the Purpose-Driven Mompreneur Summit that really got me thinking and inspired this episode.

If you’ve been around this neck of the woods for a while then you know the answer for me always boils down to alignment. If I know and understand what my purpose is then all of my goals are only there to serve that vision and make that dream come true. So, I’m not in competition with anyone. I’m not trying to impress or prove anything to anyone. I am simply setting goals that help to bring my vision and my present life together in reality.

So, with that being said, here are my tips for staying in your lane and being okay with the progress you make regardless of what anyone around you is doing.

Tip #1: Stop Trying To Be Disciplined

92% of people fail to achieve their goals within 30 days of setting it. Do you think they lack self-discipline and are not driven, motivated, or strong-willed enough? Far from it. Many strong-willed and disciplined people fail at their goals. It’s about having the right support and systems in place to help you to achieve your goals instead of trying to go hard at your goals for a year (on and off) and end up with nothing to show for it. Hit play to hear more about this on the pod.

Tip #2: Be Intentional About Your Goal-Setting

Where are you going and why are you going there? Many times we set goals because we think in order to be productive it’s what we need to do, but in truth, if your goal is not aligned with your purpose it is useless. You won’t be motivated to do the work required to see sustained results. You won’t feel satisfied and there will always be something calling for your attention that looks like a great opportunity to turns out void of any value for you. So be intentional about the way that you use goal-setting.

Tip #3: Stop Focusing On Your Goals So Hard

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t achieve your goals because you have a vision board and say your affirmations 500 times a day. If that was required I would still be working in an office downtown dreaming about one day becoming my own boss.

You achieve your goals when you align your life with the outcome your creating. Trying to stay focused on your goals is not the goal. Living a life of alignment and authenticity is what will help you cross the bridge from where you are right now to where you wanna be.

If you need help getting started grab my FREE quarterly goal-setting mini-course Your Next 90-Days and I’ll walk you through how to get started. Your next accountability partner!



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