The Most Common Myths About Discovering Your Purpose


The Most Common Myths About Discovering Your Purpose

There are so many myths out there about how to discover your purpose, what your purpose is, and what you need to do to fulfill it so in this episode I want to tackle the most common myths about discovering your purpose and shed some light on the truth so that you can start making progress in this area.

Purpose & Goal-Setting

If your goals are not aligned with your purpose you won’t be motivated enough to produce long-term results. It doesn’t matter how disciplined, inspired, or strong-willed you are. Science confirms that 92% of people fail to achieve their goals in the first 30 days. The reason by far is not because of a lack of self-discipline. Surprisingly it’s that most people are not using the right goal-setting system.

Annual Goals

Setting an annual goal is like wishing on a star and hoping that one day something will happen. It doesn’t work because most people don’t start working towards the goal until late in the year and by then it’s not enough time to hit the goal. What I’ve seen work best is breaking your annual goal down into actionable baby steps using a quarterly goal-setting system which helps you to take action a lot sooner and results in progress throughout the year instead of procrastinating all year and then busting your butt in the final 3 months trying to make something happen.


The biggest thing that I’ve seen that keeps most people stuck is that they set purposeless goals. They create goals without an an ultimate game-plan in mind because they feel they need to have them in order to be productive, but that is not true. Productivity is based on executing a plan not setting a bunch of goals.

The purpose of goals is to create alignment in your life. You want to align your vision with your present reality and that only happens over time through effective goal-setting. So when your goals are only for the sake of being productive, completing a check-list, and have nothing to do with your purpose then you are cheating yourself of the full glorious experience and benefits of goal-setting and I want to help you with that so let’s dive in!

Myth #1: Identifying Your Purpose Is Hard

You don’t need to read all of the help me find my purpose books, go to counseling, hire a life coach, or watch a ton of Tedtalks to help you find it. All you need is some self-awareness!

This is totally unpopular because we’re taught our entire life (especially as women) to doubt ourselves, overthink, and underestimate our potential, but the reality is everything you were made to succeed in is already ingrained in you and no one knows what’s best for you except for you.

So your purpose is not something outside of you that you have to attain or create. It’s actually within you waiting to be discovered and put to use. Hit play to hear more!

Myth #2: You Need 100% Certainty To Get Started

Listen, you’ve been dreaming about some of the things you want to do for YEARS! How do you know they are not connected to your purpose? One thing one of my business mentors has taught me is that action brings clarity! You won’t know until you get started, but most people avoid getting started because they are waiting for the “right time”.

Like when the kids are old enough to head off to college, or when you make a certain amount of money, or when you attract a specific number of followers on Instagram, and so on. Here’s the thing. What if all you have is all your need and you just needed to get started right now?

Listen To The Episode

This is the kind of episode you’re going to want to save and listen to again and again. Here is what I want you to know. Identifying your purpose takes time and won’t happen while you are on the run so do the work. Make time to find out what you’re here to do then get busy doing it.

And remember no one can do this work for you and until you do it, it won’t get done so you might as well start. Until next time, your accountability partner! Tee



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