Be Patient With Yourself


Be Patient With Yourself

“Strength and growth come only

through continuous effort and struggle.”
 – Napolean Hill

We’ve come to the end of our 30-day self-awareness challenge so you know I have to ask, what did you unlock within yourself? Do you have a better understanding of your triggers and areas that you will continue to work on? Did the exercise that I shared in the first post help get you started? What have you achieved over the last 30 days?

I can say for myself that although I uncovered many of my strengths, I’ve also found many traits and characteristics that I need to work on. I’m no longer unaware of the side of me that is lazy which effects the overall quality of my life and success. I’m no longer ignorant of the prideful and self-sabotaging tendencies that I am now correcting. Living in the dark requires less work, but choosing to be self-aware brings healing.

Now, as we move forward to the next personal development challenge (for next month) you have to maintain your current progress while also building on it. So, if self-awareness is something you want to sustain, commit to these three things.

1. Journal

Having a journal helps you to empty your mind and organize your thoughts. Consider this, how do you feel when you have 1,001 things to do and your list is only in your mind? Like you’re forgetting to do something or like you’re falling behind, right? Well, it’s the same idea when you carry around all of your thoughts throughout the day. It can cause you to feel overwhelmed or stressed out, especially if your day isn’t going according to plan. Journaling will help you to identify unhealthy patterns and triggers in your life/mind that you’re currently unaware of.

2. Self-Awareness Exercise

Remember the exercise that I shared on day 1 of our challenge? (if not, you can download it here). The purpose of these exercises is to help you identify things that are triggers for you. Example: for me, sunny, warm weather triggers a craving for burgers or something sweet like a popsicle. Now that I’m aware of this trigger I’m more careful about what I chose to eat on warm, summer-like days. I also intentionally increase my water consumption to lower my desire for unhealthy things. 
You have to find out what triggers different emotions for you and create a way to maintain and maximize your mental peace and overall satisfaction/gratitude in life. Do these exercises at least once a month.
3. Change 

This one is the most important. If you journal and do the self-awareness exercises but choose to ignore or dismiss areas you NEED to work on, you will not grow. You will only maximize your life when you’re humble and teachable. Listen, finding an area that needs improvement is only half the battle. Working on yourself and making the necessary changes completes the picture. If you see what needs to change and do nothing about it you’re only deceiving yourself.
“Personal growth means personal evolution. 
We have to evolve from the person we are now 
to the person we know we’re capable of becoming.”
– Tee Forever

After you’ve done all that you can, be patient with yourself. We all know that growth doesn’t happen overnight and it took us a while to become who are so it will take us some time to become who we want to be! Until next time,

Theresa Forever

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