Ask Tee Anything: How to Start This Decade Strong


Ask Tee Anything: How to Start This Decade Strong


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Do you remember when we started 2020 and I shared my biggest takeaways on how to start this decade strong? Well, I thought today would be a great day to recap, refocus, and realign with the principles we talked about so you can start this year even stronger! I hope you’re as excited as I am! Hit play and let’s go!

How to Start This Decade Strong

A few weeks ago, I opened up the poll on Instagram and gave you an opportunity to ask me anything about goal achievement and productivity and today, I will be answering all of those questions! If we aren’t connected on the Gram, all I have to say is whatttt!? You’re slipping! Instagram is where I get to connect with you, learn more about what you need, and watch you grow by implementing the strategies we talk about here! So, go to Instagram right now and hit follow! In this episode, I will be answering all of your questions with practical strategies and sharing exactly what I would do if  I were in your shoes! If you’re ready to rock n’ roll, hit play!

1. which goal should I start with?

Every goal you set this year should be based on your 5-10 year life or business vision. This means, prior to writing down your goals for this year, you should at least have ONE clear goal for where you want to be 5-10 years from now.

Without a clear long-term outcome (vision), your short-term goal is useless. There is no purpose for it and you will quit. Every goal must be connected to a mission. The 5-10 year vision you hold for your life and business is the mission. With that being said, to make this your most productive year, start with the goal, project, and so on that will yield your highest return. Start with the goal that fulfills everything else. It’s like the domino effect. When you crush this big goal (task, activity, or project), you will be better prepared to complete other important goals. I hope that makes sense! If not, hit play for some examples.

2. how do I stay focused throughout the year? 

This is easy! When I say easy I mean, it’s easy in theory but will be a challenge to practice. The way to stay focused throughout this year is to hold yourself accountable and get results. Turn off the gram, get off Facebook, and invest your time into creating your dreams. Stop watching what everyone else is doing and put all of your energy into building your empire, getting your business off the ground, launching your first online product, growing your impact, establishing your community, all of that good stuff.

Move your focus from being entertained and being a spectator of other people’s lives and instead use that time to develop yourself, learn about your industry, master your craft and release it out into the world! You will be rewarded by your progress and that will help you to stay motivated to get it done.

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Also, come back here every week and be inspired and energized for the week ahead! Going after a big goal is not easy. There are roadblocks, stop signs, and straight-up dead ends. The path to greatness is filled with opposition but don’t let it stop or distract you from accomplishing your mission. You stay focused by knowing that what you are doing is a part of your purpose!

Give yourself a target to hit over the next 90-days. This helps you to focus all of your time and energy on one result over the next 3 months…

3. how do I let go of fear and step into my purpose?

Choose to stop living for the applause of the people around you. You are here for a reason. It’s like you’re pregnant with a purpose and until you release it, you won’t fit in, life won’t make sense, and you will feel STUCK!

When we allow fear to hold us back from being authentic, living life on a mission, and completing our “job” on earth, we are saying that people’s opinions, expectations of us, and dreams for our lives are more important than what God sent us here to do. #AintNOBODYGotTimeForThat!

Choose not to focus on the negative thoughts and opinions from others and the fear will fade. No one’s opinion of you matters more than what God says and thinks about you! No one’s opinion of you is more important than you being yourself, staying true to your mission, and living your life on fire!

4. how do I discover my purpose?

This is a loaded question and I do have a few blog posts on this topic. I will include them in the show notes so be sure to visit my website for that resource. There are many ways I can go with this, but I’m going to keep it short because I have quite a bit of questions to get through today.

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The way to discover your purpose is to understand who you are. You were born with everything you need to accomplish your purpose already inside of you. Discovering your purpose is not something you find in a book or even listening to a podcast no matter how good of a writer or communicator they are. Purpose is discovered through self-awareness. Get to know yourself, understand who you are and you will unlock your purpose! 100% guaranteed.

5. What are the key metrics in business/what should I be measuring?

In business, when I set my big crazy goals, I don’t measure things like my engagement on social media or how many people responded to my email. The metrics I use are boiled down to 2 simple categories. I measure my impact on the world and income in my bank account.

You don’t have a business without any income. Everyone knows this but we sometimes try to ignore this fact. Income keeps the business going so it’s a must. The second thing  I measure is impact and this is because I not only want to run a successful business, I also want to impact others around the world to live their purpose, create magic with their life, and complete their mission! Both work together hand in hand. If you don’t have any impact, you won’t have any income and without the income, you won’t have time to create an impact. So a few ways I measure how I’m doing in these areas include having goals for my:


Email list growth
Podcast downloads

Understanding the numbers from these platforms helps me to better understand my audience and give them exactly what they need so they to go on and create greatness in their lives and businesses, see major projects through to completion, and really turn their goals into reality!


This is simple. My income is a reflection of my impact because the transformation begins with the transaction. So the impact I have on the world through my social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great, but I don’t include them in my measurements because the truth of the matter is, anyone can read my free content, learn what to do to crush their goals and still go on to live a broke, mediocre life. However, when you decide to invest in yourself and you join me in my online program because I no longer offer 1:1 coaching, you are saying I am ready to take action on this goal. I am committing to the completion of this project come hell or high water. Your transformation is in the transaction because you COMMIT and that is what gets you results.

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For you, the metrics might be different. You might want to measure how much your Facebook group is growing or how many followers you get on Instagram. It all depends on which platform you want to use to connect with your audience and where your audience prefers to connect with you.

6. What kind of lifestyle goals should I set?

This is a good question and I like it because a lot of people will ask about how to become a high achiever and how to crush big goals, but it all starts at home. So before I answer this question, I have to ask you, what kind of lifestyle do you want? What are your priorities at home? When you answer questions like these, you’re identifying your priorities and this helps you to know which lifestyle goals to set.

For me, my lifestyle goals include:

My spiritual life: staying connected to God
Self-care: having fun, resting, and pampering myself
My family: being present for my kids

Your goals could include all of the above plus:

Social life
Health and fitness
And so on!

There really are no limits. It all depends on what you want your life to look like, who you want to enjoy your life with, and the kind of experiences you want to create for yourself. Set lifestyle goals that are aligned with your values.

7. How do I make this my most productive year?

Hit play to hear how I answered this question and to see if I answered yours! I so enjoyed creating this episode! I know you can hear my excitement. I hope you’re fired up for this new year like I am! I’ll meet you back here next week same time! Love you! Until next time, xo!

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