What Do You Want To Be True This Time Next Year?


What Do You Want To Be True This Time Next Year?

Hello and welcome back! If you’ve been following this blog then you know the doors to my FIRST EVER online program How to Turn Your Goals Into Reality is closing in a few days and I am SUPER excited! This power-packed program is designed to walk you step-by-step through how to set and achieve your biggest business and lifestyle goals in 90-days or less! Using this exact framework I have grown my impact around the world through blogging and Instagram, created $10,000 (in less than 90-days), and completed major projects like launching a podcast!… Not to mention the absolute confidence I have when I set my goals knowing that I have a system that yields results 100% of the time!

I am SO confident this will work for you that I am offering a 60-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! This means if you don’t get results within 60-days I will give you your FULL investment back! I mean, this is a no-brainer! If you’re ready for massive success, huge breakthroughs and unprecedented growth in 2020 then NOW is the time to learn more about how you can make this happen! Once you’re done hit play and let’s boogie!

If you’re new here

If you’re new here WELCOME and thanks for kicking it with me today! My name is Theresa but my friends call me Tee! Feel free to do the same! I help goal-getters, leaders, and big dreamers who struggle with self-discipline and procrastination to take action on their big, crazy business and lifestyle goals so that they can have more independence and freedom! You know what I’m talking about.

Having full control over how you spend your time, money, and life! Not having to ask permission to get the day off or go on vacation. Not having to worry about how much money you can make because your income potential is capped by your employer. Having 100% control over what kind of life you live and how much your business grows! Unlike many who tell you achieving BIG goals takes a long time, I show you how to do it in 90 days or less using proven strategies! If that’s what you want, you’re in the right place!

Question for you

Now, I have a question for you! I want you to answer it honestly. There is no heat and no judgment here. Alright? You ready? Here it goes! When December 30th, 2020 comes closing in on you next year what do you want to be true about how you spent your time? What specific results do you want to have? What milestones and projects do you want to have completed? What tangible results do you want to see? Hit play and let’s talk about how you can make all of your dreams come true this New Year!

These are the sobering questions I ask myself at the end of every year and I can tell you honestly that since I’ve started doing this, each year has SIGNIFICANTLY improved. My level of productivity continues to surpass even what I believe I’m capable of, my financial situation has substantially increased, and most importantly I have evolved into the person I always knew I was (and I am still evolving)!

Here’s Your Challenge For 2020

This year, with all of the hustle and bustle I want you to stop talking about everything you want to do and grab your journal (or something to write your goals down in – not your phone) and get clear about exactly what it is you are creating in this new decade (write it down). Once you have a vision of your ideal year create a 90-day action plan!

Following a 90-day action plan will get you clear results in less time and help you to stay on track for the whole year so that you can experience progress in your life/business and personal evolution! If you need help creating a 90-day action plan I got you because today we are diving into it! Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how to set and achieve your crazy goals in 2020! Ready? Set. GO!

90-day Action Plan

Take your annual goal and break it into 4 quarters. You will need exact numbers to be able to do this. Here’s an example:

Annual goal Goal: Create an extra $5,000 in sales in your business
Break The Goal Into 4 Quarters: $1,250 ($5,000/4)

This means you would need to generate $1,250/quarter (90-days).

If we break this down further you will know exactly how many sales you need to generate a day to hit your income goal for the year. To get this number all you do is…(read this carefully)

Quarterly Goal: $1,250 (big goal ($5,000) is broken down into 4 quarters ($5,000 divided by 4))
Monthly Goal: $417 (quarterly goal ($1,250) is divided by 3 months (90-days))
Weekly Goal: $104.25 (monthly goal ($417) is divided by how many weeks are in a month which is 4 for most months)
Daily Goal: $15/day (weekly goal ($104.25) is divided by days in the week (7))

Do you see how EASY hitting your goals become when you use 90-day frameworks!? We just took a lofty goal of creating an extra $5,000 in your business and broke it down into practical steps you can take NOW to turn this goal into reality! Bam! #YouCanThankMeLater!

This framework works with ANY lifestyle or business goal. All you need to do is adjust the numbers to match your ideal outcome and then wah-lah! It’s time to create magic (get to work)!

why is this framework works

91% of people fail to achieve their goals in the first month. That’s CRAZY to me! This is not because they are not smart enough, capable or they lack ambition. Not even close! Actually, the opposite is true! They are very ambitious, brilliant leaders hence why they set goals in the first place! The reason why they fail is that they don’t know what they’re doing!

They have no structure! This framework is the missing ingredient in their formula. What I just shared with you most people are not implementing and THIS is the secret to getting results! This is how you maximize your life and establish your empire. The 91% who fail to hit their goals are simply creating wish lists hoping their life will improve and their business will grow but they have no real strategy for turning their goals into reality. They spend 12 months (a whole year) secretly waiting to see how things will turn out instead of being responsible, taking action, and creating exactly what they want.

You are the 8%

But not you! If you’re here I know you’re committed to crushing your goals. You want results, progress, and transformation! And believe me, my friend, I want these things for you as well! You were born to experience abundance, have total control of your life, and be free to do anything you want with your time! You have everything you need right now to create what seems impossible, to bring your life to the next level, and to maximize 2020! If you want to live a crazy, amazing life, it’s all yours for the taking. You just have to create it! You have to set clear goals and have a practical plan of action.

Here’s Your Practical Application

So how do you do that? How can you use this 90-day framework to turn your lifestyle and business goals into reality? It’s simple. Take your annual goal for 2020 and break it up into 4 chunks!

Note: I hope you wrote down specific numbers with your goals because without numbers you won’t be able to break it down. If you don’t have numbers, no problem! You can uncover the numbers now. Simply ask yourself questions like…

How many people do I want to impact?
How much money do I want to create?
How many people do I want to add to my email list/Instagram following/etc?
How many podcast downloads do I want per week/month?
And so on…

Having a clear concise number gives you a clear concise target which leads to clear concise RESULTS! Ask yourself questions that help you to define a number so that you have a clear target to work with. #AgainYouCanThankMeLater!

After you have the numbers written down go back to the 90-day action plan section of this blog and implement that exercise! Send me a picture on Instagram when you do it! I want to celebrate with you!

Final Thoughts

You are more than capable of creating, achieving, and having anything you want. So in 2020 let go of fear, be patient with yourself, and accept everything God has planned for you to live a beautiful fulfilling life!

As a bonus exercise, you can answer these questions and see what comes up for you.
Tip: Journal with them. You will unlock deeper thoughts.

1. Who do you have to become to hit your goals?
2. What are you willing to let go of to create exactly what you want in your life?
3. How will you show up differently for yourself in order to make this happen?
4. What tools and resources do you currently have access to that can aid you in your pursuit?
5. Why is this goal important to you?

I hope you do the work and as always I enjoyed our time together! To keep the party going sign up to join my email list where I will keep you in the loop about all the best kept secrets to creating success for yourself on your terms and actually living your best life…not just Instagramming about it!

Need help applying the 90-day framework to your goals? Sign up to learn more about my brand new program How to Turn Your Goals into Reality launching early January! The doors close on in a few days and there are only a few spots left so don’t delay SIGN UP to learn more NOW! Until next time, I love you, it was a GREAT YEAR! Thank you for rocking with me! Happy New Year!

Theresa Forever

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