Are My Goals Achievable?


Are My Goals Achievable?

“My goals need to be realistic if I’m ever going to achieve them.” This is something that I hear a lot of people say and can I tell you. this is a limiting belief! First of all, how do you measure realistic? And what are you comparing it to? Like how would you seriously know if your goals were realistic or not? What kind of measuring stick or system would you use to calculate that?

It doesn’t exist right? Don’t we usually just go off what we’ve seen others do or what we know has been done before?

But what if you could create something that has never existed? Kind of like what Steve Jobs did with Apple or what Oprah did with her talk show.

Steve Job tooks a wild crazy idea he had about having the best computers in the world that people would pay top dollar for and found a way to innovate and make it happen.

Oprah Winfrey took her idea of being a talk show host and even after getting fired from her job as a news reporter she didn’t allow her dream to die or get comfortable because she had done better than her parents. No, she leaned into the vision God put on her heart and created a billion dollar empire/brand from a simple dream.

Never underestimate the power of your dreams my friend. No matter what anyone says or thinks about you. I’m here to remind you that your dreams are 100% possible and it’s your responsibility to bring it into reality.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.” - Steve Jobs

Goals + Purpose

Something we don’t talk about enough is how important it is to measure our goals against our purpose because truthfully, you will not have the drive, focus, ambition, vigor, diligence, and steadfastness required to hit your goals if you’re not motivated to do it and knowing that this goal is connected to your purpose is a key motivator! Hit play to hear more about this.

Everything You Need To Succeed Is Inside of You

But do you believe it? If you don’t I want you to read that again then tell me why you don’t believe it. What about this is not true? Do you think God would send you to do something that you’re not equipped for? Do you think the things you experienced in life wasn’t training ground for where God knew you would be today? Do you think that things happened in your life by chance or coincidence?

Lol never! Every talent you have, every gift you try to conseal, and every million dollar idea you’ve ever dreamed were all given to you for a reason! Believe in it, use it, and create something incredible with it.

Everything you need to succeed is inside of you.

Take Action

Look, if you’ve been rocking with this blog or podcast for any length of time then you know my sole purpose here is to inspire you into action. You don’t need more information on how to do the things you desire, you already know that! You don’t another movitating Youtube video, you’ve watched enough for the both of us.

What you need is to jump out of bed, wash your face, comb your hair and get to work on your goals. Start with what you have. Work with the tools you have. Talk to and collaborate with the people who are currently in your network. You’ve been praying, hoping, waiting, and thinking about change, now is the time to get up and do it. Hit play for the full episode.

Until next time, Your accountability partner, Xo.

Tee Forever


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