This One Is For My Ladies: How To Be A Rock Star Mompreneur Even In Hard Times


This One Is For My Ladies: How To Be A Rock Star Mompreneur Even In Hard Times

What are you grateful for? Some of the things we’ve experienced collectively as a global community this year has really been tough. From COVID-19 to unemployment to riots to a racial revolution this year has been anything but ordinary.

During chaotic times it can be hard to feel secure or find the good in anything that is happening so right now I want you to take a minute and just think of one thing you feel super grateful for. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary just something that you truly feel grateful for.

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For me, it’s my kids. I’m grateful that I get to be their mom. I’m grateful that I get to watch them grow. I’m grateful that I get to influence who they become and how they show up in the world. Parenting is powerful and the example we set for them is vital.

Today, we’re gonna chat with my girl Camila Braga who is a mompreneur. She’s going to talk to us about how to manage stress and anxiety through the hard times because let’s be honest, we all have a breaking point.

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Sometimes as moms we lose ourselves in trying to be superheros for our kids, but can I tell you something? Your family, friends, clients, and the world doesn’t need you to be a superhero. We just need you to be you. Set goals that align with your purpose and live the life you were created to live.

So Here’s What You Will Hear In This Episode:

1. Crying Babies

Haha! We recorded this episode smack dap in the middle of the pandemic so you will hear some sweet baby music playing in the background. Haha, I love it! Camila shares some very insightful truths that will challenge you to let go of your excuses and be intentional about pursuing your goals so hit play and don’t be distracted by all the cuteness!

2. Live Authentically

Being a wife and mom does not take away from your purpose. All of the roles you embody actually work together. Isn’t that liberating?! Now you can take all that pressure you keep putting on yourself off and just be who you are. An absolutely amazing goal-getter boss chick!

3. Be Honest With Yourself

Be honest with yourself and with others. Ask for help when you need it. Reach out for support when you start feeling overwhelmed. Talk to people that you trust and allow them to be a source of strength, wisdom, encouragement, or whatever you need from them at the moment. It takes strength to acknowledge the truth of where you are in life in relation to your goal and how you feel about it.


Listen, none of us and I mean absolutely no one on this planet has “arrived”. You’ve heard this many times, but truly success is not a destination it is a journey. The same thing applies to your purpose. It’s not one thing that you do one day and then you finally feel that you have arrived at your purpose. No, your purpose is the reason WHY you do what you do.

It’s your motivation. It’s the gas in your car. It’s the passion behind your goals. It’s the strength behind every decision you make to be disciplined. It’s the diamond you hold onto when you don’t feel like digging or doing the work anymore. It’s the reason why you are here.

So don’t allow hard times to distract you from completing your mission. Remember, challenges last for a moment but the decisions your make and the actions you take produce results that will follow you for a lifetime. Tony Robbins said, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” Choose now, choose well. With love. Your accountability partner, xo!

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