The Biggest Myths About Positivity, Good Vibes, & Goal-Achievement


The Biggest Myths About Positivity, Good Vibes, & Goal-Achievement

Theresa Forever

We often hear about how positive thinking can change the quality of our lives and enhance our relationships, but is this all there is to it? I mean, can all of life’s challenges really be resolved by applying some positive thinking? I don’t think so and in this episode, I’ll explain why. Hit play to dive in!

Have A Positive Outlook On Life & Everything Will Change

When most people say this, they usually mean if we choose to see life through an optimistic lens then we will have more energy, feel more passion and excitement, and have more strength to do what we need to do in order to move our life forward. This is a nice encouraging saying, but is it actually true?

Is This True?

In order for something to be true, it has to be a fact that applies to every and anyone 100% of the time. Like gravity. We all know if someone (it doesn’t matter who they are or where they leave) chooses to jump out off a flying airplane they will soar through the sky until they land back on earth.

It doesn’t matter how positive their mindset is or how much they hope they can/will fly. They will not fly and the law of gravity will pull their little butt straight down to the ground.

So Can We Create Change In Our Lives

Strictly Based On Positive Thinking Alone?

No, and here’s why. Any change that takes place in our life is a direct reflection of our actions which is deeply intertwined with our thoughts and so by simply having a positive perspective, I could change my mood and emotions about my situation, life, etc. But that is not what will change my life.

Without the action to reinforce my beliefs or mindset I will continue to experience the same reality and therefore nothing in my life will change, evolve, grow, etc.

So What Do We Do Now?

Where do we go from here?

If you are someone who subscribes to this belief of positive thinking being able to solve your problems in life and you’re not sure how to apply this new information to your life here’s something you can try:

  • Ask yourself if this affirmation, idea, concept, belief, etc. is actually true.
  • And if it is true, what becomes possible for you?
  • Now with this new idea/affirmation/etc., what is one thing you can implement today that will bring you closer to the full experience of this?

Our Thoughts Shape Our World So Choose Your Thoughts Carefully

We have to think about this in context because know that our minds and brains are powerful! And these are 2 separate things…hence why they have 2 separate words for them!

Lol, I know some people use these words interchangeably as if they have the same meaning but they don’t.

Your brain:

Houses your mind. It’s responsible for your conscious, logical thinking. This is how you process information, learn new things, understand new concepts and ideas, etc.

Your mind:

That’s where all of your dominant thoughts are stored. This is what is referred to as the subconscious part of you that helps to automate processes, habits, behaviors, language, etc. which makes life easier once you “program” in the right stuff.

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Is It True That Our Thoughts Shape Our World?

This is a tricky one but it’s a half-truth! When people tell you this, they’re half lying to you! And it’s definitely not intentional so you don’t need to go around calling everyone a liar, but a half-truth will not benefit you…at all. So let me explain!

This Is A Half Lie:

We know the world was created from ideas. God came up with the idea to create light so He said “let there be light” and boom! It appeared. He said “let there be man” and tah-dah! Here we are many years later!

So Can Ideas Create Our World?

YES…and no! In order for this to happen, the ideas need to be implemented! Great ideas swimming around in your mind for 5 years don’t manifest on their own. It’s our responsibility to turn them into something tangible that others can touch, see, smell, and experience!

Have You Ever Considered This:

Right now, you might be busy doubting your brilliant ideas, talking yourself out of amazing opportunities to create something that doesn’t exist, but what if your idea is the next BIG breakthrough this world is waiting to see?

  • What if you have the cure for COVID-19, cancer, or any kind of life-long illness in your mind right now as an idea waiting to be implemented?
  • What if you have hit songs waiting to be expressed that will pull millions out of depression and helplessness or inspire radical racial healing between all of us humans?
  • What if YOU are walking around with a world-changing movie idea that will inspire the end of child poverty or female discrimination in the workplace, and other great initiatives like that?

You won’t know how much of an impact your ideas can make in the world until you implement them!

So how do you turn your thoughts into tangible results?

Keep track of your ideas! I personally have a document called “brilliant ideas” because let’s face it, trying to execute every idea you get turns into Overwhelm!

And trying to create your best work while overwhelmed will always produce a half-hearted mediocre product of distraction so take it from me…don’t do it!

Store your exciting ideas in a journal, notebook, document on your phone or you can use mine if you’d like (grab it here!) and after you complete an idea, check it off your brilliant ideas bucket list and move on to the next!


Keep The Vibration of Abundance & You Will Be Abundant

What do you think, True or False?

Okay, we hear this one EVERYWHERE right? It’s in almost every self-help book (especially the ones about money and getting rich). But is this really all it takes?

I know this is often used as a direct objection against “hustle culture” and I get it. Working 24/7 is not healthy. We all can do a better job of learning how to work from a place of alignment and rest instead of hustling and being on the go go go all the time!

But is having an abundance mindset and high vibe energy the only way that people become wealthy or abundant in anything?

Let’s Be Real:

What Do You Think?

If you’ve been around here long enough, then you know I like to question everything! So as I was trying to uncover if this was actually true or not, here are some things I asked myself:

  • Tee, do you think Oprah sat around raising her vibrations before she stepped out on stage every day to welcome new guests on her National TV show before it became international?

  • Do you think Jesus, one of the world’s greatest leaders, spent weeks at a time working on His abundance mindset so he could attract more people to follow Him?

  • Do you think Barack Obama felt positive every step of his journey working towards becoming the first black president of a historically racist nation and that’s why he achieved his goal?

Let’s be honest about this whole thing. Having the emotional presence of abundance or aligning our thoughts with ideas and feelings of what we imagine abundance to be is not what will get us to the achievement of our goals.

It helps to feel peaceful, calm, happy, and so on but in order to experience a new life, we get to become new people, explore new things, and try on new thoughts/ideas.

To Create A New Life & Experience A Better World

It’s Better To Work With timeless principles like:

Get Wise Counsel:

Get around people who are smarter than you! How many times have you heard someone you admire say part of the reason they succeeded is that they found mentors, coaches, and so on to guide them to where they wanted to go?

Investment In Yourself:

Working with the best of the best in your industry to help you succeed usually turns out great, but it doesn’t always have to be in the form of some high ticket coaching program.

You can buy audiobooks, attend online summits and retreats with experts who specialize in the things you want to master.

And if you want the extra support, you can enroll in group coaching programs or self-study courses that walk you through the exact process while offering access to a team of people that can help guide you if you have any questions.

Be Mindful of Your Inner Circle of Friends:

I was listening to an audiobook by Dave Ramsey called the Entreleader which is about Entrepreneurship, growing a business, and developing your leadership skills. He talked about when he went bankrupt and was on a journey to become a millionaire.

Instead of taking advice from people who were as broke as he was, he was diligent about changing his situation and sought out people who were a few steps ahead of him and could advise him down the right path so he could get to where he wanted to go faster, with fewer mistakes, and more clarity.

Wondering How I do This?

For me personally, I’ve invested thousands of dollars working with the best coaches, getting access to the most transformative programs, and surrounding myself with people who are living the kind of life I aspire to live. Why do I continue to make these investments in myself?

For many different reasons. I believe in myself. I know every investment I make pays off, I do my research on the program, learn about the coach, understand the risks involved, and know that the only way the investment truly pays off (produces a return) is if I do something with the training, coaching, etc. I receive.

And because we know based on scientific research (and personal experience) that our surroundings will either inspire us to do great things or distract us from the great things we know we can do, I choose to surround myself with brilliant minds and people that inspire me to get off my butt and go be the change I wanna see in the world!

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What Is Best For You?

Getting wise counsel is available to everyone no matter their budget, economic situation, personal preference, etc. Right now in this season you may know that a coach is best for you but your budget may not be there yet.

Or on the other hand, you might be all coached out! Maybe it’s time to join a mastermind or self-study initiative that walks you through the steps without all of the live, interactive coaching sessions.

No matter where you are in life, there is a way to get to your next level and you know what’s best for you.

There are a ton of free resources including:

  • Youtube: Great ideas you can navigate through to find helpful general strategies and concepts to get your creative juices flowing to create momentum in your life
  • Podcasts: Similar to Youtube. Experts share ideas, concepts, principles, etc. that help you create traction in the area that you’re looking to improve.
  • Your local library: Ever heard the saying leaders are readers? Well, I agree! There will always be things you don’t know and reading is a great way to open your eyes up to some of those things!
  • Instagram: Follow people who share thought-provoking, helpful content that inspires and helps you to achieve your personal goals.
  • Downloading freebies: Freebies can be helpful tools to help you get to where you’ve never been before. Experts often include great insights and things you may not have thought of or would have missed had you done it on your own.
  • Jumping into FB communities: Being around people that are on a similar journey as you is vital to your growth. FB communities often provide a safe space for like-minded dreamers to share their dreams in confidence knowing that the people around them will understand.
  • And more!

There are also great paid resources including:

  • 90-Days: One Goal: My signature program designed to take you from goal to results following a 90-day framework. Doors for this open a few times a year and will be opening soon so jump on the waitlist to learn more!
  • Success Ebooks & Audiobooks: These are the most accessible resources any trailblazer or goal-getter can grab. They are filled with helpful tips and tricks we can use to improve our life, productivity, relationships, and so much more.
  • Virtual Summits & Workshops: These are power-packed hours with experts on a specific topic that you want to learn more about. I often call them masterclasses because you’re meeting with someone who has mastered the topic and is teaching you LIVE in a virtual space everything you need to do the same. Plus, many times as a bonus you can also ask anything questions during the session so you can leave with absolute clarity on how to apply the info to your specific situation!
  • Virtual Retreats: This can be a lot of fun because you’re with a bunch of people working towards a common goal of whatever the topic is and you get to spend a few days learning from the best of the best in the industry while connecting with and creating new relationships with people who have similar interests!
  • Private & Group Coaching: This is one of my favorite ways to learn, grow, and invest in myself because every great trailblazer, athlete, entertainer, leader, goal-getter, ambitious executive had/has a coach!
  • And so on

Hard Work Yields Rewards:

Principle two: Hard work redefined

What exactly is hard work? When I think of it, I think of someone who is doing a lot of physical labor, pushing themselves physically to carry heavy things, literally breaking their back to get the job done. I don’t think that’s healthy and I don’t think that is what hard work means. Hard work is being diligent. It’s carefully considering your steps and choosing the most effective strategy that would allow you to go the shortest distance in order to get to your goal. Now shortest distance doesn’t mean it takes less time. It just means using the time you have more effectively. Instead of taking one year to do everything you can, break your goal down into 90-day chunks and see progress in as little as 7-14 days depending on your goal.

So How Do We Do This?

Make the most of EVERY opportunity. Not some. Every! This does not mean burn your little butt off trying to do everything at once. It means being diligent about how you use your time, which relationships you invest in, managing your thoughts and emotions, staying in alignment with what you are creating and who you wanna be in this world.

Final Thoughts:

These are all timeless truths you will find in every single self-help book you read, it’s proven by science and it’s also in timeless classics like the Bible (which is full of so much wisdom).

Search them out and apply these gems to your life so you can grow and have the life of your wildest dreams!

Until next time, love you and I mean it! If you wanna stay connected throughout the week, follow me on the gram! Mwah!



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