Best of: 3 Major Differences Between Goal-getters And Trailblazers


Best of: 3 Major Differences Between Goal-getters And Trailblazers

Theresa Forever

Everyone talks about wanting to live their best life, achieve what once seemed impossible and take themselves to new heights but something I’ve noticed over the years of working with different types of people to achieve their goals is that there are some clear differences between the people who rise to the challenge of becoming who they’re meant to be and others who set goals to create a better life and then once achieved, they become complacent and settle for good instead of great.

From Good To Great

I’m sure you’ve heard and maybe even have already read the book by Jim C. Collins Good to Great, but for those of you who haven’t, here’s a quick summary. The whole premise of the book is to answer the question: what are the universal distinguishing characteristics that cause a company to go from good to great?

He comes from a business perspective so if you’re interested in building an unforgettable business that truly helps people, aligns with your purpose, and generates a lot of money, you may wanna check this out. But if you’re not into business and simply wanna develop yourself, this will also provide you with the characteristics of the type of person you can work towards becoming in order to move your life from being good and satisfactory to being deeply fulfilling and purposeful!

So What Actually Distinguishes The Goal-Getter From The Trailblazer?

Here Are 3 key differences:


When most people set goals, they think about what they want, where they are, what they have access to, the timeline they’re working with, and the resources they have. Then they begin the process of creating their SMART goals. They make sure it’s specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely, which are all necessary parts of a goal. But it’s just the baseline.

Goal-getters take it a step further and decide that instead of sticking within the confines of some man-made rule on how goals should be set and achieved, they are going to stretch themselves beyond what’s normal and give themselves goals that push them to the edge of their seat. Goals that require them to be consistent, diligent, and focused if they wanna see it happen. Goals that cause them to think in new ways beyond their experience or training. Goals that inspire and move them into action although fear reminds them that failure is right around the corner, they acknowledge, understand that what they’re doing is risky, but go for it because they know it’s what they need to do to propel their life to new heights.

Trailblazers, on the other hand, start out like goal-getters. They’re not afraid of failing publicly and privately, making mistakes and learning hard lessons, having people judge and criticize them while they explore their dreams and expand their purpose. But they shift into trailblazing when they begin to take others on the journey with them. Instead of doing things on their own, trying to figure out everything along the way, trailblazers ask for the help and guidance they need! They work with coaches because they know that every great athlete, entertainer, entrepreneur, and so on has a great coach behind them helping them see their blind spots, complete commitments that are out of their comfort zone, and cause the transformation to happen in their life in a deep way!

They invest in programs that will shorten their learning curve, spend time with leaders and people who think differently from them so they can be exposed to new ideas, strategies, and insights. They anchor themselves in communities with people who love and believe in them and are not afraid to call them out on their junk. They enroll in masterminds, training, and workshops that give them the tools they need to ascend to new heights and although the journey at times can feel daunting, they keep their eyes on the prize which is purposeful living that impacts the world to do the same.

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Mindset & Perspective:

Goal-getters and trailblazers have one thing in common here. They both KNOW that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE for them! They are more than capable of getting things done, understand they are smart enough to figure it out, and know they are wise enough to ask for help with things they don’t know or could use support with. They understand there is no time like the present and so they make the most of what they have, regardless of how big or small others perceive it to be. But here’s the difference.

Goal-getters see life as a quest to conquer. They are serious about understanding their purpose, living it to the fullest, and making an impact in the world to inspire others but they put so much pressure on themselves to get things right, to make things perfect, and to have it all together.

This often causes goal-getters to struggle internally with ideas of perfectionism, wondering if others approve of what they’re doing, looking for external validation of ideas, and waiting for cheerleaders to encourage them and affirm that they are on the right path.

Trailblazers, on the other hand, know that life is a game. They take their purpose, work, and responsibilities seriously, but they don’t allow themselves to crumble under the self-imposed pressure. They’re like goal-getters who love encouragement, feedback, and guidance but the difference is that they don’t need them to complete their commitments. When people disapprove or life doesn’t go as planned, they don’t allow it to stop them from completing their mission. They might take breaks, re-calibrate, and rest, but they don’t quit.

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Both goal-getters and trailblazers know that if they want to see anything happen in life, it’s on them. God gives us the wisdom, direction, strength, and guidance to execute the vision, but it’s on you to take responsibility for your actions, decisions, and actually commit to the process of creating what doesn’t exist yet.

They know that the time to get things done is NOW, so they don’t dilly-dally around bouncing from one idea to the next. They give themselves a reasonable time frame like the 90-day framework (you can learn more about quarterly goal-setting here) to create attainable goals that they can work towards no matter how busy life gets.

Goal-Getters raise the bar, hit the standard and are okay with having stretched goals every once in a while. They exceed the average person who is coasting through life, waiting for change to happen, and remains a student, but never apply the information they get. Goal-getters turn their bold dreams and ideas into tangible results over time.

Trailblazers are visionary leaders! They are not locked up in a room. singing kum-by-yah, working on their mindset 24 hours a day, trying to create positive vibes and heal past trauma before they start working on their dreams. They know that in order to see progress, they need to commit to the process and so off they go down their yellow brick road looking for the answers they need along the way, instead of trying to understand all the steps in advance. Trailblazers know that opportunities are created, not inherited, so they are proactive about seeking them out.

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So Which One Are You?

Maybe you read (heard) all of that and thought “whoa Tee! That is awesome! But right now, I am definitely not a goal-getter nor a trailblazer! I wanna be, but I’m not there yet.” Here’s what I would say to you! That’s A-okay! You are where you are, it is what it is, and if you stick around here or go binge listen to some of the previous episodes, it will inspire you to dream bigger and do more…because you’re made for this!

If you identify a lot with the goal-getter tendencies and you wanna grow into becoming a trailblazer, I have a treat for you this week! You can download the 10 affirmations for goal-getters who wanna up their game and begin blazing trails for free! You can grab that here!

On the other hand, if you have this burning desire in your heart, stirring you up in the direction of the trailblazer, then you better do yourself a favor and jump on the waitlist for 90-Days: One Goal. This is an online self-study program that walks you through the entire process of how to set and achieve your goals so you can live a purposeful and authentic life while inspiring others, taking care of your responsibilities, and taking care of yourself!

Until next time, family! I love you and I mean it. Let’s stay connected on the gram!



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