Valuable Lessons From The Last 365 Days


Valuable Lessons From The Last 365 Days

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Happy New Year! I know it’s been forever. I missed you! Thank you to those of you who have hit me up on the gram asking when the next episode is coming! Hearing from you lets me know that the content is helpful and you look forward to tuning in every week which is motivating for me!

By the way, if you tune in often and haven’t yet left us a review on iTunes, now is the time! Your feedback helps us to know how we can make this show the most helpful resource it can be specifically for you! And it allows you to be seen and heard by me, the team, and our community worldwide!

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My Intention For This Year

In 2023 my intention is to continue to give you life-changing, perspective, shifting content that adds to your life and business. I know there is a lot of noise online with people offering 10 steps to success or 3 steps to crushing goals and I don’t want to join that. I want this to be the place for us to learn together and go deep in genuine heart-to-heart conversations that create effective change in our life, business, and ultimately in the world. So today let’s dive into some key priceless lessons I got over the last 365 days.

Priceless Lesson #1:

Where do we start? There are so many adventures that we went on together from things in my personal life like the elections to the business with the closing of 90 Days: One Goal. How about we start here. One of the biggest lessons I learned in 2022 was that I am capable. Now you might be thinking, “Wow Tee, that’s great, but what does that even mean?” I’m glad you asked!

I am capable means I can literally accomplish anything that I imagine in my mind. We sing about this and dream of endless possibilities but how many of us are actually living it? Last year I found out how true this is when I ran my first campaign as a candidate in the municipal election. More on that when you hit play.

Priceless Lesson #2:

There is no competition when your priority and focus are to fulfill your purpose. With the insane suicide rate and the constant barrage of information designed to distract us from who we truly are and what we’re here to do it’s no wonder that many people are secretly asking themself, who am I and why am I here? Hit play to hear about the specific ways I’ll be honing in on living my purpose in a way that makes life better for everyone around me and in this community.

Priceless Lesson #3:

A really big business lesson I got in 2022 was I had a client who was not a good fit at all. And we were working together on a one on one basis and I found that they were feeling frustrated because they felt they weren’t getting what they needed. And I was getting frustrated because they weren’t applying themselves and our work together was not a match. So what do you do when you run a business and your goal is to serve at the highest level and you know that this work is not serving your client? You let em go, but how? I got hands-on experience doing this in 2022.

This lesson has helped us to strengthen our offers which are designed to serve a specific group of high-performing entrepreneurs and to rein in our client application process to minimize the opportunity for this to happen again. I got the lesson and it 2023 it’s going to serve our business big time!

Priceless Lesson #4:

This one is related to parenting so buckle up! As a person I do my best to challenge myself with my core commitment being to my growth, health, and well-being. It’s fair to say my standards are high and my expectations are big. Now what does that look like in the way that I parent and show up as a parent? And is it adding fulfillment to my life or draining the fun out it? Let’s talk about it.

Hit Play To Dive In

There are so many lessons in this episode I could not write them all out here for you, but when you hit play you get to hear it all. The great, the scary, and the unappealing. I wanted to be vulnerable in this episode because I know if we’re going to learn from each other it starts with trust. So I might as well lead the way :). See you in the next one Trailblazer!



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