How I Took My Business From $0-4k In 14 Days


How I Took My Business From $0-4k In 14 Days

Theresa Forever

I know what you’re thinking! “This is ah-maz-ing!… How on earth did you do that?…Give me the secret!… I would love to do this with my business!” Am I right? Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing in this episode, but before we go there I want to take you behind the curtain and give you the FULL story about how I got here.

You see, most of the time when we hear “success” stories about people taking their business from $0-$100,000 in a year they are giving us a quick summary of their journey. They are not telling us about all the rejection they faced on their way to 6-figures. They don’t describe the frustration they felt about how long things were taking. They almost always leave out the details on the self-doubt and fear they experienced because their ideas weren’t panning out the way they wanted.

My hope is that my journey not only blows your mind and inspires you to dream big, but that it also gives you a reality check and challenges you to think strategically. Are you ready? Hit play!

How It All Got Started

I started blogging a few years ago because I felt out of alignment. I was a mom of two sweet girls, married to a stunning dude, and on the outside, you would think I had it all going on, but I knew better. I knew there was more to my life. Every day I was being compelled to write more of the story. I had dreams of being my own boss, creating a life that reflected my values and living on my term but I didn’t know how to do it or where to even start.

One day out of frustration I jumped on google in search for a website (back then I didn’t know they were called blogs) that could walk me through the steps of managing being an awesome mom and building a successful empire (and I mean empire)! I was tried of feeling like I didn’t have enough time to live my dream, I was tired of knowing that I had untapped potential, and I was tired of know what was possible and not doing anything about it. So that night I dropped all excuses and decided to be all in.

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After searching the internet for a few minutes and coming up short I realized that there were not any blogs focused on helping go-getter moms crush their goals while being rockstar mama’s so I decided to create one which turned into a business and evolved into this podcast! Hit play to hear about my 2 year struggle to hit $4,000 in 14 days!

Where My Business Is Now

Lol, now if you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that my business has gone on to create more than 4k in 14 days. I turned my one-one-coaching program into an online course called How to Turn Your Goals Into Reality which helps people to apply a 90-day framework to their goals so that they can hit it in less time using less effort.

Then after working with clients, I realized that many people set goals and are trying to achieve “success” because they are looking for a sense of purpose! This led to the creation of my second online program called Alignment which helps people to identify their purpose so that they can align their life, goals, and priorities with it and live authentically! If you want to learn more about either of these programs shoot me a dm on IG!

As my business evolved I learned a lot about myself, leadership, team building, money management, marketing, and so much more, but here are the key things that changed for me in the process.

Here’s What Changed For Me

1. I understood and stepped into my role as the CEO

I am the visionary, leader, and captain of the ship (my business). I make the decisions that lead to the exact destination I want. To be effective and remain focused I needed to let go of trying to manage the entire business by myself. This includes things like…

  • Weekly blog post
  • Weekly podcast production
  • Social media posts
  • Managing customer success (correspondence, product support, etc)
  • All administration
  • And so on

I had to completely step into my role as the strategetic visionary leader of my business and stop being the intern who was busy being busy and not actually being PRODUCTIVE (huge difference there). Prior to this revelation I was working LONG hours, frustrated with the results, busting my butt, and struggling to keep up with everything. My time was being squeezed left and right and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t hitting my goals.

Now, I’m generating more sales and doing way less work. You’re probably wondering how right? Well, thanks to my handy calendar and reliable team! Every month I lay out a clear road map to follow that helps me to focus on the most important things I need to get done and then everything else gets delegated to my strong team of leaders.

These guys not only enjoy what they do but they are also crazy talented! We incorporate a lot of automation using scheduling tools that help to keep the business running smoothly. In a future post I can share the tools, systems, and processes we use in the business if that is something you’re interested in? Send me a dm on IG and let me know!

2. Really understand the needs and problems of my clients

I had to start from scratch. I realized that my message wasn’t working. The way that I was talking to the ideal person that I wanted to work with wasn’t translating into them saying “Wow, Tee knows exactly what I’m going through. She is the best person to help me with this” instead what they were saying was, “wow, that’s so inspiring. You’re great!” Lol! Can you see the difference? I had to tweak my message to effectively communicate that I was the best fit for them if they fit the description of the kind of person I help.

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This is business 101! If you are not communicating effectively with your audience or community you will know it because it’s reflected in your sales. The way to create a connection with your audience is by first understanding and caring about them. It’s like John Maxwell, “no one cares about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

3. I have to do the work

This was a BIG one for me. This is about taking full responsibility for the results I am creating and being intentional about who I want to become. You have to hit play for this one!

The Outcome:


Lol, well, you already know! Needless to say after tweaking a few things in my business, stepping into my leadership role, and being a visionary I have gone on to generate a lot more sales! The reason why this excites me is because I know and wholeheartedly believe that transformation begins with the transaction!

Everyone I’ve been able to help is a result of them committing to aligning their life with their purpose! This is the heart of my mission. This is the reason why I got started. I know that people are capable of creating incredible lives but until we step into our greatness, let go of all excuses and truly commit we won’t experience it.

Something strange that I noticed throughout this whole journey too is that when I decided to commit and go all-in on my business the clients I was getting were showing up in the exact same way. They were no longer okay with mediocrity, compromise, and hiding in the shadows of other peoples expectations for them. They were ready to do the work and this was the same internal resolution I made prior to seeing the shift in my life so to see the same level of determination, clarity, and focus in my clients was a DREAM!



When you hear about people who go from $0-$100,000 during their first year of business my hope is that it inspires you but don’t use it as a measuring stick for how quickly you SHOULD grow in your business. Try to remember that you are exactly where you need to be for your next opportunity and behind every story is a lesson.

People on the front lines are only examples of what’s possible. You can and will get there if that is your desire, but don’t kill yourself trying to do it. Go at your pace. Learn your lessons. Master your craft. The beauty is in the process. Don’t miss it trying to rush to the finish line. Until next time, your accountability partner! Xo.

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