Best of: Top 3 Beliefs I Let Go of In Order To Generate My First $5k In Biz


Best of: Top 3 Beliefs I Let Go of In Order To Generate My First $5k In Biz

We all know that how we see determines what we experience (I’ll explain this more in the episode). The same is true about relationships, money, our goals, and our business. This means the reason if we haven’t been able to progress beyond a specific ceiling in our life or business it’s connected to a perspective or belief that is keeping us from going to the next level.

Neuroscience confirms that our self-talk whether destructive, helpful, truth-centered, productive, edifying, or harmful is 100$ connected to our choices. The choices we make shape our experiences in life and ultimately create who we are. If you want your business to grow or your life to change for the better this is an episode you’ll want to store in your back pocket forever!

Most people who struggle to achieve their goals are

trying to motivate themselves to the point where they are able to be consistent. They work from a to-do list, try their best to become more disciplined by implementing some new habit-stacking routine, aim for balance, and are open to doing affirmations here and there. The problem is, none of these activities address the root cause of what’s preventing them from being successful.

These things add to their busyness but they don’t move the big picture progress needle! One of those things on the progress needle is managing your thoughts and being able to overcome your limiting beliefs. So I’m going to share 3 of the top limiting beliefs I had to work through in order to generate my 1st $5,000 in my business. Now as we work through these beliefs I want you to think of your biggest, most audacious goal that most people would laugh at if you told them you were working towards this. And we talk about these 5 beliefs

ask yourself 3 things:

  1. Is this a belief for me? If the answer is no, cool. If the answer is yes, you have work to do.
  2. Am I open to a new perspective or way of addressing these beliefs?
  3. Over 3 months what is the cost of allowing this belief to grow in my life?

Alright, are you ready to dive in? Here we go!

Belief #1: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Have you ever told yourself “straight up…I don’t know what I’m doing!” and you weren’t saying this in an excited, looking forward to it way. You were scared and anxious. Lol, if you said you haven’t you just lied! We’ve all been there whether it was in relation to our goals or not.

Now think about how you felt when you first launched your business or learned how to close sales for the first time. Did you have that tummy turning, sweaty palms, ready for a nap kinda feeling, or were you a nervous wreck, ready to knock your first call out of the park? I was unaware.

When I jumped on the phone for my first-ever high-ticket call with a potential client who was interested in working with me I had no idea of the term sales call and I didn’t know I was jumping into one so I was nervous and super pumped with adrenaline from excitement over the fact that SOMEONE was actually interested in what I was offering!

It wasn’t until I started reading sales books that I learned about sales, funnels, leads, and all the other terms that come with generating money in business!

Initially, when I started running my business the unlying belief was that because I had never done this before, I lacked experience which meant I suck and didn’t know what I was doing.

But here’s the thing. When working towards a goal how much experience do you need in order to be effective? Not much experience do you need in order to create progress or momentum? Not a whole lot, right?

What’s more important than experience effort. So if you find yourself thinking “I don’t know what I’m doing:

Here’s something you can try:

  • Be honest with yourself and answer this: Am I doing my best?
  • What do I need to know and apply in order to achieve my next step?
  • What characteristic will I embody that will support my effort to achieve this?

Belief #2: There Are People Better At This Than Me

Listen, if you’re just getting started there will be a bunch of people who are better at this than you. But this belief is rooted in a fear of failure, lack of trust, and in your strategy.

This belief sounds like this:

  • “They are better than me”
  • “Other people are already doing it”
  • “Will it even matter/make a difference?”

And here’s the thing. If someone has been coaching, teaching, and leading others in personal transformation for 5-10 years then of course they were better than me when I was starting out! Man, if they weren’t there would be something immensely wrong with that! Lol. Instead of choosing to stay distracted by the work of other experts and how long I assumed it would take me to reach their level of expertise I started serving my clients as best as I could with the knowledge and experience I had! And guess what!? IT WORKED!

I wouldn’t be 4 years into business with hundreds of transformed lives if I didn’t give myself time to grow professionally in the art and skill of coaching struggling ambitious goal-getters and turning them into trailblazers one life at a time!

If this is a belief you wrestle with ask yourself:

  • Is it possible for me to do what I do as best as I can right now?
  • What is one way I can improve my skills right now? Is there a technique I can practice? Are there resources or cheat sheets I can use to help me improve my process?
  • How can I simplify my process and master it?

Belief #3: I don’t have control over my destiny

I saved the best for last with this one because it’s one of the most common excuses I hear for why most struggling goal-getters don’t go for what they want.

They say things like:

  • I have no control over how this turns out
  • My destiny is set by God/universe
  • I am not in control of my life

And I get why a lot of people find this belief challenging to work through because it’s so prevalent in our culture and it’s easier to take the responsibility off ourselves and assign it to God or the universe. That way if I fail, it’s not due to my poor performance or lack of self-control but it was fate. And if I succeed it’s because it was meant to be! All the stars aligned and the time was right so it worked out. Can you hear how unhealthy this way of thinking is?

One thing God gives us is self-control. He will never force us to do anything, achieve anything, or go anywhere. He invites us to partner with Him in the visions that He shows us but He doesn’t do the work for us and He doesn’t make us work. It’s just an invitation. So when we get a brilliant idea from God or we envision a glorious future for ourselves, this idea is not a guaranteed license for success. It’s a picture of what’s possible if we are willing to do the work.

And the work is not to hustle your butt off until your body is buried in the ground. In fact, the most important work you do will have nothing to do with external effort at all. The foundation of all success starts with YOU.

Think about it. Before world-class athletes win championships they practice by playing against the best on their team. Before they step into the gym to play against each other which proves iron, sharpens iron. They spend time building their physical stature. They hit the weights, do cardio, etc. We’ve all seen the documentaries!

Now before they hit the gym what do they do? We’ve all had those moments! Right before gym time, we have a million reasons why today would be a good day to skip the gym. You don’t think professional athletes have the same temptation? Of course, they do their HUMAN!

Mohammed Ali said he constantly told himself “I am the best” before he ever was! He was brain priming. Envisioning a future with the best possible outcome fueled his actions. So when he didn’t feel like training or boxing or going to fight another game this vision compelled him. It was the standard that governed his decisions. He knew that in order to be the best he had to train like and with the best. He had to eat as the best athlete would. And this was not in comparison to other athletes this was by his standard! Because when it comes to nutrition everyone’s body needs different things so if I was a boxer and I wanted to be the best I couldn’t eat what Mohammed Ali ate to become the best. It would be no good for me and truthfully it would probably be too much food for me based on my body frame, height, gender, nutritional needs, etc!

So do we ultimately have control over the outcomes of our lives? Yes. Because our decisions create our life. God has a plan but we have the choice to follow it or not.

Now if you have struggled with this ask yourself:

  • What is the vision I have for my life?
  • What are 3 things I can do this week to get closer to the fulfillment of this vision?
  • Out of the 3 things which 1 will I do today?
  • Then get to it Trailblazer!

Next Steps:

This episode was not just to entertain you or to hang out for a bit (although I love doing both)! This was to awaken your inner trailblazer and challenge you to overcome the crippling beliefs that cause 92% of people to FAIL with their goals! So if you have been in a rut with your goals or are ready to see a major transformation in yourself this year do 2 things. First, download and save this episode so you can apply it to your life this week then register to join me live at this 3-day training starting on May 23rd! You already heard the details for it during the commercial and my only intention is to help you get to where you wanna go. So don’t play yourself. Save a seat. I’ll see you there in a few weeks!



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