Does Money Keep Getting In The Way of Your Purpose? Hit Play!


Does Money Keep Getting In The Way of Your Purpose? Hit Play!

Is money slowing you down from making REAL progress in your life? Have you been stumbling over the same goals over and over again because you just don’t have the finances to get the ball rolling? If you said “yes” this episode is EXACTLY what you need to turn 2020 into your biggest financial breakthrough year!

My good friend Toyin is here to share her story of how she went from not having any food to feed her baby to now running an almost 7-figure business that helps people to become debt-free, live their purpose, and enjoy everyday stress-free! This interview is going to blow your mind. Hit play to dive in!

Is Money Getting In The Way of Your Purpose?

“It’s very nice for you to want to go out and change the world, but if you don’t get your money story right you can’t change the world”. This is what Toyin said when I asked her how she knew her business Money Mindset Shift was aligned with her purpose. She always had an eagerness to live every aspect of her purpose, but the lack of money kept her from committing 100% to what she knew was possible in her life. Can you relate?

Money is one of those things that if not managed correctly will keep you living in a dangerous cycle of struggle and poverty. How will you ever be able to experience your purpose when you’re living paycheque to paycheque, never have enough money at the end of the month, and you don’t know how to create extra income in your life? These are all signs that you don’t know what you are doing with money and if you don’t learn you will remain exactly where you are. Hit play to learn how you can break out of this cycle to start living your life on purpose.

Money Blocks

I’m going to tell you right now we all have them or are working through them. The best way to identify them is to pay attention to what is showing up in your life. Do you feel financially stressed out? Do you get anxious when you think about money? Are you overwhelmed because you just can’t seem to make enough money? These are clear indicators that you have money blocks that need to be removed. Hit play to hear about the common blocks Toyin encountered on her journey to creating a 7-figure business and how to overcome them.


Everyone talks about purpose but very few people can identify theirs. If you want to be unstoppable this year you have to do the work to identify and live your purpose without fear, excuses, limitations, or lack! Don’t allow money to be the reason why you don’t live your purpose. Hit play to learn about how money and purpose work together to help you create a fulfilling, passionate life full of no regrets!


How can you become debt-free? What is the easiest and best way to move your life forward even if you are financially struggling right now? What can you do to increase your income? Toyin’s story holds so many threads of inspiration. Press play right now to hear the full interview.

Ready to change your financial story? Go ahead and book a call with Toyin. 
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Until next time goal-getters, stop dreaming start doing. Xo!
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