Best Of: This Question Changed My Life


Best Of: This Question Changed My Life

Hey! Welcome back! If you’re new here welcome, welcome, WELCOME! I am Theresa, but my friends call me Tee, you can go ahead and do the same! This is a space for people who struggle with self-discipline and procrastination to take action on their business & lifestyle goals so they can have more independence and create the life they want! Today’s episode is SO good! You might as well hit play and dig in.

Good & Bad news

First, I have some good and bad news for you. I’ll start with the bad news, this is my last year doing one-on-one coaching! I know! I know! Don’t be sad. Keep reading, I’ll tell you why.

I enjoy working with you in a one-on-one setting to help you create realistic goals so you can move from being stuck without a clear step-by-step strategy and support to becoming an unstoppable leader who takes big action and sees big results! I would not trade any of you for ANYTHING! You guys rock and I tell you this all the time! I am simply changing my business model – that’s the good news!

I am changing my business to incorporate more group coaching and very soon I’ll also have online courses so that I can leverage my time while continuing to connect with you and serve you at a high level without driving myself crazy (lol) with everything that I have going on. I know you understand.

From my 3 kids under 4 (my oldest Layah turned 4 last Tuesday!) to my hobbies and other commitments, to making sure that I take care of myself, my schedule is OVERFLOWING. So to prevent burnout and practice what I teach (self-care) I am changing my business to fit my lifestyle instead of the other way around. Can I get an amen? Wooou!

Now is the time

If you KNOW that working with me is your next step to hit your goals and beyond, create your dream life and business, and learn life mastery, then stop procrastinating! Don’t waste another second doubting yourself. Complete the application below and let’s do this!

You’re worth it and you definitely have what it takes. I will help you to:

  • Gain complete control of your life by setting and achieving every goal you create.
  • Learn my exact step-by-step system that helps you to create results and build momentum with your goals
  • And so much more!

Pull the trigger…Apply here.

the question that changed my life

What story are you writing? Simply Topaz said, “live the story you want to tell” so I have to ask you, what is the story you want to tell your grandkids about the way that you lived your life? What is the story that you are currently writing every day when you wake up? What will be true about you when they read your eulogy? How will the people who knew you best  (your spouse, kids, or closest friends) describe you? How do you want to be remembered?

You are in control

I know sometimes it can feel hard to manage all of the moving parts of your life. It can get pretty crazy, you have your business or side hustle, plus your day job, then add your adventurous kids (or dog), and your crazy spouse, plus social events and gatherings. Trust me, I get it. You have a lot going on but here’s the thing you have to remember. You are 100% in control of your life!

Whether your ship sails, floats, or sinks is entirely up to you. You are the director, screenwriter, and leading actor/actress in the movie of your life. So, no one is going to force you to prioritize your goals and improve your life while on the same token, no one will stop you either.

You are the only one who can choose to cultivate your greatness and walk in your purpose or procrastinate and end up in self-sabotage. You are the only one who can tap into your extraordinary potential or continue to blend in with the crowd and be mediocre. YOU are the only one who can choose to live your dreams or choose to struggle for the rest of your life living paycheque to paycheque trying to figure out why you never have enough at the end of the month.

create exactly what you want

Instead of being reactive to your current situation and allowing the challenges you face to determine who you become and what you achieve choose not to settle for where you are in life and instead create exactly what you want! We are writing the story of our life every day. We are not victims of circumstance or helpless entrepreneurs, leaders, or parents. We are extraordinary!

We decide how the story ends. We choose from infinite possibilities. We are overcomers! Tap into your power and step into your real identity as an extraordinary leader and create exactly what it is that you see yourself having and become who you know you are!


What exactly do you want? I mean, let’s get crystal clear about what your “finished” life and/or business looks like? How many lives will you impact? Who will you work with? How many clients will you help? How much profit will you make? Who will experience this beautiful life with you? Will you have kids? How many? What is the quality of your relationships? How many people are in your inner circle? What kind of people do you want to be around?

Let’s get specific. Do you want to be around people who complain and gossip all of the time about how much life sucks and how they can never get ahead or do you want to be around people who have big visions and are taking action to get big results? If you are a part of this community I know you definitely want the latter!

so what is stopping you?

I’m going to keep it real simple here for you. The only thing that can, is, or will EVER stop you is YOU! Like I said earlier, no one will force you to prioritize your goals, improve your life, develop your greatness, and step into your calling. That my friend is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

While no one will force you to be great no one can or will ever stop you either. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have, how long it takes, what kind of resources you have (or don’t have), who you know (or don’t know), and so on. When it comes to you hitting your goals and creating a stress-free life full of freedom and purpose you are the writer of the story so again I have to ask, WHAT STORY ARE YOU WRITING?

stop limiting yourself

I have to admit, this is a hard one because most of the time when we are living with limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging our success we can’t see it. One of my business mentors says “we’re too close to our own mess” to see that something is off. We can’t see the old, broken down suitcase that we are dragging along with us that is weighing us down and preventing us from hitting our goals. Most importantly we don’t realize that our parents and grandparents dealt with the same struggles and obstacles!

True story

I had an amazing loving, fun mom who gave me the freedom to do my thing, be myself, and experiment (try new things even when she didn’t agree). I remember I used to bring home snails, caterpillars, and different types of insects and my mom wouldn’t let me bring it in the house lol (and I don’t blame her), but she would let me leave them in the backyard. This allowed me to develop my sense of curiosity.

I also remember singing out loud for many hours and blasting music in the house while practicing new dance moves and learning all of the latest songs. Although she was a skilled singer she would never come to my room to tell me “you sound horrible” or “be quiet you’re too loud.” Never. She allowed me the freedom to make mistakes, learn, and grow.

As amazing and supportive as she was I remember her telling me a story about wanting to pursue a big dream she had since she was a little girl living in Jamaica. It was one of those crazy, extraordinary goals that many people have, but don’t get a chance to experience. She told me exactly what the goal was, but out of respect for everyone involved in the story, I will not share it publically.

As she shared this dream with me I felt her excitement and passion come alive. It was like she knew she was meant to have that dream. But when she came to Canada she was told by someone who loved her and had good intentions for her to “let it go, be realistic, and get a real job”. I wonder, how many of you have heard the same thing?

This is a part of the limiting beliefs that get rooted in us from a young age and we don’t realize how damaging they can be until we have big dreams of our own that we are trying to achieve. All of a sudden we’re reminded that maybe we should “be realistic, get a real job, always have a backup plan…” and so on. Although someone else discouraged her dreams my mom always told me I can do and become anything or anyone I want. I just have to go for it.

Destined to be different

Just because others have been discouraged from their goals doesn’t mean this has to be your story. Live the life you were destined to live. Create the dream you spend all day thinking about and live up to your highest potential.


Write every chapter of your life as if you knew your success was inevitable. Don’t play small. Don’t hesitate. Just go for it! Nothing and no one can stop you so enjoy the journey, learn your lessons, and grow into who you’re meant to be. Remember writing your story doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow your vision and take action. Until next time, your girl

PS: If you would like to learn more about how to work with me apply here!

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