The Biggest Challenge Mompreneurs Experience (& What To Do About It)


The Biggest Challenge Mompreneurs Experience (& What To Do About It)

I remember when I was just getting started in my business it was scary. I was a new mom with 2 kids under 2 and I knew that I was at a moment in my life where I had to make a decision.

I was either going to be a stay at home mom and spend the next 18-20 years of my life investing in my kids and being available to them 24/7

Or I was going to try to figure this entrepreneur thing out (by the way, I had no idea this was even called being an entrepreneur. I just knew that I wanted to work for myself)!

Maybe you feel the same way and you’re ready to lean into the discomfort and take the leap of faith?

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Tell Me If This Sounds Like You!

When you are busy working on your goals do you ever feel like you’re neglecting your kids or being a bad mom? Listen, if you said “yes” I totally get it. I’ve been there so many times and it continues to be something that I monitor to make sure that my kids are getting the best of both worlds – a behind the scenes look at mommy’s business and full access to my heart and attention.

But I’ll admit, there is always room for growth. 

And here’s the biggest challenge I see mompreneurs struggle with.

Mommy Guilt

Do you remember what it felt like after you had your son/daughter, spent time getting to know him/her, fell in love with them, and then as the months went by it slowly became time for you to go back to work! Were you disappointed? Nervous about leaving them with someone else?

I can remember this like it was yesterday. Returning to work was bittersweet for me because at the time I was working my dream job in an office which I loved, but I didn’t have access to daycare yet so I was nervous about leaving my 1-year-old. Long story short everything worked out but I made it a priority to never bring my work home becuase I wanted to be 100% present with her at all times

Now that I work for myself and I work from home life is very different.

I don’t have mommy guilt and I don’t feel overwhelmed trying to manage all of my responsibilities and build a successful business at the same time. My biggest challenge and something that I see many mompreneurs struggle with is time management.

Time Is On Your Side Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

We tell ourselves the story that “there is not enough time to get all of these (seemingly) important tasks done!” and it stresses us out. What we don’t realize is that by telling ourselves this story we actually begin writing it. Which means we make it this way

By now we know and science confirms that anything we repetitively think becomes hard wired into our brain as a fact even if it’s not. So when we constantly tell ourselves that “there is never enough time in the day for me to finish my work and be a present mom” or “I can’t be a great mom and a successful business woman” then no matter how much we want the opposite to be true we will continue to create exactly what we don’t want and this thought becomes a self fulfilling propehcy.

But what if I told you that when it comes to time management it’s not a matter of choosing between work or your family/kids, but instead it’s about creating time for both. Would you believe me?

Mompreneur Life

Something I’ve learned from my own personal mompreneur journey going from 1 child to 3 with a team and clients to manage I realized that life is not a matter of one vs the other. Work vs my family. My clients vs my kids. My team vs my kids. No. This whole things is a test for me to learn how to manage my time efficiently and get the highest return as possible from all of these areas.

So I now leverage my time as much as I can. I don’t do things that I don’t need to do. I don’t attend all of the events, I don’t spend all of my time on social media I don’t focus my time and energy on things that distract me from my ultimate goal.

If I can automate (set it and forget it) with something in my personal life like groceries or my business like sending emails then it’s done! I am building my life according to what works for me and my family not based on what is normal in this culture.

The Myth of Work Life Balance

So how about we ditch the goal of having work-life balance because honestly, how do we measure this balance? How will we know when we’ve hit the sweet spot between our work, family, and social life?

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It doesn’t exist, right? There is no metric! So stop trying to follow these “normalized standards” that don’t actually make sense for your everyday life and how about we redefine what being a mompreneur means to you so that you can start embracing your real-life and enjoy your journey to success instead of complaining about how impossible it feels.

Mompreneur Redefined:

Here’s how I define being a mompreneur:
1. I am showing my kids (especially my girls) that anything is possible.
2. I am embodying what it means to be a leader.

Throughout my life I am demonstrating and teaching them (because we know our children do what we do not what we say) how to treat others, manage a team, love and respect themselves, and live a purposeful life.

We help our kids to identify their calling so they can follow their unique path and live in integrity with that vision. We don’t only talk about the principles that we want them to know or simply share lessons we hope for them to learn. As moms we demonstrate it.

And that mama bear is what they will remember about you and how you lived long after your gone!


So what principles do you want to instill in your kids about life, money, God, people, business, and relationships before you die? What kind of character would you like them to have? Who do you want them to be in this world

I’ve already determined in my heart that my kids are leaders in this generation who walk the talk and pave the way for others to see what is possible. So, grab your journal and get to work!

Write out the dream you have for your life and family and begin being that way now so that everyone around you can be inspired by your growth and follow suit.

Need help taking action on your goals and wanna be around other like minded momas who are determined to live their purpose? Join me at the live virtual Purpose Driven Mompreneur Summit (this event has passed) on Sept 29th – Oct 1st! Sign up here to learn more!

Until next time, You accountability partner,

Tee Forever



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