How To Set & Achieve Goals As A Mompreneur (Without All The Overwhelm)


How To Set & Achieve Goals As A Mompreneur (Without All The Overwhelm)

Lissss-ten! If anyone knows what it’s like to struggle to hit your goals while trying to be attentive and present with your kids while also juggling trying to be a good wife (yes, I said good because you know as soon as the kids come in the picture, hubby gets tossed on the back burner, let’s be honest!) it’s me!

Confessions of A Mompreneur

This mompreneur life can feel hard! Hubby and I got pregnant within about a month of being married! And in about 5 years we went from 1 child to 3. I know, talk about a growing family, we did not waste any time!

I always knew that I would end up working for myself and did not believe that kids could deter or frustrate this goal and so when Maya (my second daughter) was only a few months old I started blogging which birthed my mentorship program and ultimately grew into the online business that you now see and love with online courses and group coaching programs.

Here’s The Number Question I Get As A Business Mama

What’s It Like To Run A Biz With Kids? Challenging to say the least! When I first got started I felt overwhelmed because my children would want to have my attention 24/7 and play all day and that’s understandable because that’s what they were used to.

Once I started working for myself I had to set boundaries with them and help them to incorporate free play time with each other and by themself so that I could create time in the day to focus on my work and actually get things done.

Was this easy? No! But totally worth it.

Here’s Where You Can Get Started

I know exactly how hard it can be to find time to invest in a dream that you know upfront will take a lot of time to develop.

I remember feeling like ” If I fail this means I have to go back to work” which I didn’t mind doing because my job was my dream job at the time (until I went back and realized my heart was not there anymore but that’s a story for another time!)

Getting started can feel daunting, intimidating, and stressful. So let me make it easier for you. I’ll walk you through how to set and achieve goals as a mompreneur in 3 easy steps.


Make sure your goals are aligned with your purpose! This is always the first step no matter what type of goal you’re setting. You don’t want to do all of this work only to get to the end and realize you’re nowhere close to where you actually wanna be!

We can get so busy trying to hit a goal and trying to climb up the ladder and move our life forward only to get to the top and realize that we’ve climbed up the wrong ladder and are now at a destination that we don’t even want to be at, Ugh! I know you definitely don’t wanna waste time doing that!


After you have a clear goal that is 100% aligned with your purpose it’s time to get to work. Identify your 5% activities. You might have heard of the Pareto principle? This is when you only work on the activities that produce your biggest return. Meaning you’re able to track which tasks get you closer to your desired outcome fast and you only work on those.

Here’s an example:
If your goal is to write a book what do you think your most important tasks would be?
1. Understanding who your book will help so you can communicate in a way that connects with them.
2. Having an outline so you know what you’re writing about.
3. Actually writing the book.

Not things like:
– Doing months of research.
– Getting lost in your emails all day.
– Scrolling through Instagram and watching Netflix for hours.
– Spending hours writing about things that have nothing to do with the book you want to write.

Those are things we do when we are trying to avoid doing what actually needs to get done. I call them procrastination tasks. Tasks that keep you busy, but don’t actually produce the results you want.

I find myself doing this all of the time so if you struggle with this, there is no heat and no judgement. You are in the right place!


If you’re not familiar with what a debrief is it’s simply a review of what happened when you tried to hit your goals. You present all of the facts, data, numbers, real results from the action you took so that you can have a better understanding of what to do next time.

I will always have a debrief no matter what type of goals I set. This helps me get to the bottom of what actually happened instead of getting lost in my emotional interpretation of what I think happened.

So a debrief gives you the factual information of what worked well, what didn’t, where you can improve, and what activities yielded the highest results so that you can focus your attention and do more of what works and improve the areas that are weak or slowing you down.

Want To Take This Up A Notch?

If you wanna learn more about how to set goals as a mompreneur and actually start, grow, or simply understand how to run a business as a mom then you gotta join me at the Purpose Driven Mompreneur Summit happening on September 29th – Oct 1st!

I will be a keynote speaker alongside a few other brilliant boss moms and we are giving you the real deal, no exaggeration, behind the scenes, tools, resources, and systems you need to get your business off the ground, generating more sales, and operating at it’s highest potential.

  • If you struggle to see results this is for you!
  • If you know you need help with your goals but can’t afford a coach right now this is for you!
  • If you’re ready to drop your excuses and finally take some big action on your goals then THIS IS FOR YOU!

It’s FREE, it’s live and you get to be around other amazing moms who understand your struggle and are rooting for you to win!

Sign up here to receive more information and to grab your FREE ticket!

As always, I hope this helped! Your accountability partner,

Tee Forever



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