How to Master The Inner Game of Goal Achievement


How to Master The Inner Game of Goal Achievement

Have you ever wondered why you can implement the same strategy as someone else and get different results? For example, in business, you can use the same sales funnel as a 7-figure business owner and not make one single sale!  Or if you have a lifestyle goal to lose 50 lbs and you follow the exact process someone else used to lose 100 lbs but for some reason, you still can’t seem to drop the excess weight! What is going wrong! You’re using the same system, but getting a completely different result. Is it the system that doesn’t work or is there something “broken” in you that prohibits you from having the same level of success?  Hit play and let’s talk about it.

Truth Heals

If you’ve been here for any length of time then you know my sole mission is to help you to take action and start seeing results with your goals! With that being said, we have to address a few things.

1. You are not your goals.

Your goals are simply a reflection of the things you desire and what you perceive to be possible for you. When you understand what you’re capable of and you see what’s possible in the world you are inspired to dream big and try to attain the same results in your own life. When you don’t achieve your goals YOU are not a failure. There is nothing “broken” in you. There are two things happening here, you either lack solid information or you lack the character you need to help you to create what you want.

2. What you believe about your goals determine what’s possible for you.

We hear a lot about mindset and beliefs these days but what exactly is it? Simply put beliefs are ideas that you hold to be true whether it’s actually true or not. They are things that have been ingrained in your mind from society, culture, your environment (friends, family, workplace, community, etc), religion, and so on.

These beliefs are reflected in how you feel about your goals, run your business, parent your kids, manage your money, value your health and so much more! So if you are not getting the results you want instead of trying another strategy (especially when you have one that has worked for many others) you have to look at the person using the strategy which is Y.O.U!

Personal Development

We are always so quick to look outside ourselves for answers when what we are doing is not yielding the results we want, but today I want to challenge you to look within. If you want something and no matter what you do you aren’t making progress you have to come back to the source, the person responsible for creating the results. You have to be willing to acknowledge that maybe you’re getting in your own way.


If you find yourself procrastinating, struggling with self-doubt, looking for external validation or saying things like “I should be further along in my life than this!” then you don’t need to buy another book or listen to another podcast. You need to start paying attention to what is going on inside!

You can do this by engaging in daily check-ins where you keep an eye out for triggers or feelings that indicate something is off or there is some kind of resistance. Resistance is a WHOLE conversation for another time, but to summarize it for you, it is like an internal red flag.

You can spot self-sabotage when you are self-aware and you understand the triggers that lead you to start down this spiral. You can also start being mindful of the cycles you experience when you’re in self-sabotage mode. This will help you to break out of the experience faster saving you YEARS of wasted time and energy. Hit play for more on how you can overcome this common roadblock!


When your character is weak your results will be weak. I’m going to say that again. When your character is weak your results will be weak! In this episode, I share exercises and things you can start implementing today to improve your character so that you can yield stronger results and actually begin to move your life or business forward.

John Maxwell said, “Your success stops where your character stops. You can never rise above the limitations of your character” and I can’t tell you how true this statement is. Character is your way of showing the world who you are. If you want to be a high achieving goal getter or simply live at the top of your game in life you have to pay attention to and develop your character.


If you’ve ever thought to yourself “my goals are too big, too hard, and straight-up scary” then you’re in good company! Lol. Every genius has felt this way including everyone you’ve ever looked up to! We have ALL been there. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is not what beliefs they hold but instead what they did with those beliefs.

You can choose to keep believing things that are not true and are based on limitations, fear, and lies or you can acknowledge what is present (what you currently believe) and do the work to reprogram your mind to work with you in creating what you want instead of against you. Hit play and I’ll share a few ways you can do this!


I want to challenge you this month to master the inner game of goal achievement! Don’t waste your time overthinking, being indecisive, and allowing others to dictate what is possible for you. Identify your specific roadblocks, work through them, uproot them, and then immerse yourself in things that will help you to develop a new perspective! Sound good?! I hope you actually DO the work! This is what the successful 8% of people do to move their lives forward every year without stress, struggle, and fear!

Want to kick this thing up a notch? Join me live on IG!? This Wednesday at 12 pm EST I am going LIVE!! That’s right, I know personal development and mastering your inner game has the power to transform you into a goal-crushing best so if you’re serious I want to help you! Let’s meet on Wednesday, March 4th at 12 pm EST to do the work together! Follow me now, check out my IG stories and sign up to be notified when I go live! Until next time, stop dreaming and start doing! Xo.

Theresa Forever
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