How Do You Define Failure


How Do You Define Failure


Many times when we think about failure we think it’s this horrible experience that should be avoided at all cost but what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way. What if I could prove to you that failure is not only a lesson in disguise, but it is also an opportunity for us to have a valuable, life-changing experience that is  necessary for our growth.

See, most times when we pray, hope, and wish for success in any area of our lives (but for now I want you to specifically think about your goals) deep down we hope that the journey is smooth, without any challenges or roadbloacks, full of support, encouragement, all of the right decisions, and the best outcomes. Why? So that we can have great memories to store in our journals, right? I know I do!

But Here’s The Reality

Your journey to success is packed with the lessons you need to be able to create and sustain the results you desire. I’m going to say that again because that was so good! The results you desire are on the other side of the challenges you face because challenges are meant to prepare you for the destination you’re heading to.

Your journey to success is packed with the lessons you need to be able to create and sustain the results you desire.

We Fail Our Way To Success

My firend, can I tell you something? 100% of the people who succeed with goal-setting and achieve big things in their lifetime failed their way to success. If you pay attention to what some of the greatest thought leaders, business leaders, influencers, or world-class entertainers have shared about how they attained success you will hear stories filled with disappointment, frustation, fear, self-doubt, people not believing in them, and wanting to quit many times along the journey but instead choosing to continue down this path almost their personal yellow brick road like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz had because they know, deep inside that they were made for this!

What’s The Difference Between You & High Achievers?

The only thing separating you from your goals is the bridge of failure. You have to cross it before you can have the business you desire, create the impact in the world that you know you’re meant to have, or even just step into being the visionary leader you’re destined to be.

You have to let go of trying to know all the answer before you get started and having all the right steps before you take the leap of faith. You have to be willing to go when everyone and everything around you says to stay exactly where you are. You have to trust that everything works together for your good and you have to know that no matter what God is with you because He created you to do this thing.

So Here Is A Better Way To Define Failure

Whenever I’m starting a new venture or challenging myself to grow in an area that I know will be detrimental to my success I have to confront my fear of failure and expand my definition of what failure really means. 

Now a days the way that I define failure is like this. Failure is an opportunity for me to learn the things I’ve been avoiding. It’s an opportunity for me to confront the fear in my life that have been holding me back from expressing my full potential and being myself in this world.

Failure is my friend and when I embrace the lessons that failure offers I’m able to create better results in my life and ultimately attain levels of growth inside and out that I’ve never had before.

Failure is an opportunity for me to confront the fears in my life that have been holding me back from expressing my full potential and being who I'm truly meant to be in the world.

To All My People Stuggling With Failure

I want to challenge you to embrace your journey. Failure is not the end, it’s an opportunity to explore parts of you that you did not know existed. It’s an invitation to write a new chapter and create a totally different ending that is aligned with the vision God put on your heart.

It’s an invitation to a better life, deeper relationships, and more authentic connections. Don’t hold yourself back because you’re afraid to fail. Instead lean into the discomfort knowing that this feeling is a clear sign that you are growing!

I love you and I mean it! Your accountability partner, Xo

Tee Forever


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