Part 2: Surprising Life & Business Lessons Learned Over The Last 12 Months


Part 2: Surprising Life & Business Lessons Learned Over The Last 12 Months

It’s so easy to run through our busy lives without giving any thought to the daily lessons we have an opportunity to learn as we grow through our mistakes and challenges. So today we’re jumping into part 2 of the 12 Lessons I got to learn more intently over the last 12 months! If you missed part one don’t worry you can dive in before you get started on this one. what we started last week! If you’re all caught up hit play to pick up where we left off!

Lesson 7: There Is A Time For Everything

Here’s the big takeaway: give yourself time to live and learn

Solomon the wisest man to ever live said, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity/purpose under the heavens” I wanted this year to be my year of transformation and in many ways it was. I experienced a lot of hair shedding which for me is related to having low iron so I’ve been working on building that back up, but I interpreted this physical hair shedding as a representation of some things I had an opportunity to let go of at this time. So I did a deep dive and decided to let go of

  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Crippling thoughts and fears
  • People pleasing
  • Pride
  • Toxic environments/conversations
  • Being passive
  • Shame
  • Unhealthy behaviors
  • Hiding and playing small
  • Procrastination
  • I could go on but…you get it!

Now I gave myself the time I needed to work through these at my own pace without any judgment or self-criticism about how long or short something was taking to heal. I accepted that there is a time to heal, a time to speak, a time to live, and a time to just be. So I went through my process fully embracing my process because to me, the living in full freedom and healing is worth the journey!

Lesson 8: You Are Not Defined By Success or Mistakes

Here’s the big takeaway: you becoem who you choose to be today

I had 2 really big goals this year and I crushed one (serving 111 people who struggle to achieve their goals) and I did not come close to hitting our money goal. For about a month I was feeling discouraged and beating myself up until my insightful business coach helped me see this whole thing is a game of strategy…and I could take my goals, business, and work seriously. But didn’t need to take myself so seriously!

Hitting a goal doesn’t mean you have arrived and are now “successful“. Just as failing at a goal doesn’t make you a failure. So what does it mean when your goals are met (or not)? Absolutely nothing!

Achieving goals is about strategy and integrity. Following through on what YOU say you are going to do. That’s it. So when you don’t hit your goal you can be honest with yourself, debrief, and discover what actually happened (not just your interpretation of what happened). But it never changes your identity because you are who you are whether you hit your goals or not. You remain capable, prepared, smart, competent, and organized. So don’t et your results (success or failure) deter you from getting what you want!

Lesson 9: Be The Message

Here’s the big takeaway: practice what you preach

People don’t buy into your business they buy you. Friends don’t listen to what you say they watch how you live. You are the message that you preach. You are the advice that you give. You are a role model for people around whether you choose to be or not. Whether you have 1 million followers or not, whether you like attention or not people are watching you! Now this can be a scary thought for some because you might feel like you need to walk on egg shells all the time, but this was liberating for me!

When I got this to my core this year I decided that I would live my life in full service to the world (you’re probably wondering…what does that even mean, right? haha)! This means I do my best to practice what I preach and to be my word. Instead of using words carelessly and saying things I don’t mean I do my best to live in a way that allows people trust what I say. Whether it comes to telling my team I’ll submit work by a certain time or telling the kids I’ll take them to the park. I do my best to be integral. Do I fall short at times? Absolutely! And when I do I’m careful to take full responsibility, apologize, or do whatever needs to be done to reschedule and/or learn from the event/mistake.

Lesson 10: Growth Is A Choice

Here’s the take away: instead of doing what’s familiar create your own lane and ride until the wheels fall off

Every year we celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and special memories. I turned 30 this year and if you’ve been around here for a while you know that at the age of 15 I became an orphan. My mom actually died when she was in her 30’s so when I turned 30 I started entertaining these irrational thoughts about potentially only having a few more years to live (fearing I would end up like my mom). Now, this is a fear that has been lingering for the last few years so when I started feeling anxious about it I knew it was time to heal.

I spent time in prayer, talked to my girlfriend who is pretty much my sister and within a few days I could feel that the chain and all heaviness of fear was falling off. This only happened because I got intentional about addressing the fear, healing the open wound, and letting things go.

This for me was proof that growth happens intentionally. If we wait for change to come or things to get better we can end up waiting another 20 years before we see any progress. Decide what you want to see change and then take responsibility for getting it done.

Lesson 11: The Lessons You Fail To Learn Repeat

Here’s the big takeaway: when you know better do better

This year I really honed in on mistakes I kept repeating in my business that were costing me big time. This included being disorganized and underprepared, overthinking, and procrastinating! I started challenging myself to batch create weekly content like podcast, blogs, social posts, etc in advance. So I could spend more time engaging in work that would grow the business (not just maintain it). This would also help my team big time because they would be able to schedule things in advance and have an easier weekly work load.

Now I have to be honest. This is something I am still working on. The biggest lesson I learned with this so far is that it’s possible! I know what to do to organize my business in this way and now its just about being consistent! When we know better we can practice being better!

Lesson 12: Health & Wealth Are Good

Here’s the big takeaway: we don’t need to sacrifice one for the other

We all have different opinions about money, wealth, what it means to be healthy, and so on. Here’s my take on it. Both are good and both are necessary. Can we live a long, happy, healthy life without money? Maybe but how would we buy healthy food without it? Or can we be wealthy without having good health? Possibly, but we won’t get the maximum benefit of it because we won’t be here long enough to enjoy it.

In my quest to be 100% debt free (aka pay off my student loan) I started working longer hours, skipping lunch breaks (because I wasn’t hungry) and pretty much treating my body like a machine. This area is still a work in progress for me since I enjoy my work so much it doesn’t feel like I’m working so I have a habit of not taking breaks.

My biggest lesson here over the last 12 months is to value myself (my body) more. I’ve started taking vitamins, still doing my walks along the lake, and drinking more than enough water a day. In the new year I’ll be incorporating more physical and mental exercises!

I hope you found this inspiring! Let me know which was on your favorite and in 2022 let’s keep growing together! Love you and I mean it. Cheers to a happy, healthy, and wealthy new year!



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