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A proven process for turning your big dreams into a real experience that changes everything about who you are and how you show up in your life. So you can start blazing trails!

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a New Year resolution that you didn’t follow-through with and then felt discouraged because it was the um-teeth time you made this commitment and still you have nothing to show for it Yep! Been there, done that and I have the trophey to prove it.

I no longer set goals that way because I’ve discovered an easier, less stressful, and way more fulfilling way to set and achieve big long-term goals if you wanna learn how.

the reviews

Before working with Theresa I was just existing in time and space
Before working with Theresa I was just existing in time and space but now I am fighting harder by taking action so that my dreams can become reality.
- s. nicholas
the right support at the right time
Tee, you came in with the right support at the right time and now I'm feeling more confident than ever in my business
- S. Mitchel

Achieve Your Dreams Faster
Even While Struggling
To Be More Disciplined

Increased stress or avoidance. These play out in the form of *ding, ding, ding!* you guessed it, procrastination! This is why 91% of people fail to achieve their goals within less than 30 days

So in this workshop, I will help you Master Your 5% Activities so you can spend less time and energy avoiding the work that needs to get done and instead use your time to properly prepare and execute with a reasonable plan you can commit to without all the burnout, excuses, and failed attempts.

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walk away from 90-days:one goal with my complete & total goal achievement system to take your life to where you wanna go!

  • The exact framework I use to turn my big ideas into big action even while struggling with self-discipline
  • Healthy self-care routines for active trailblazers who aspire to change the world while maintaining their health & sanity
  • Gain insight on how you can structure your day and manage your time for increased performance & productivity
  • Learn how to reverse engineer your goals using templates, tools, and worksheets to guide you through the entire process from start to finish
  • How to turn affirmations & positive thinking into positive action that creates real traction in your life
  • Strong community and team of trailblazers and high achievers in your private members area.

this is what I need!