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Stop Settling & Being Mediocre

The struggling goal-getters shortcut to results in less time, consistent progress, and a lifestyle that aligns with your values, life vision, and unique purpose!

what are you doing about it?

Knowing there is more for you to achieve, create, & become is great But...

If you’re like most people who struggle to achieve their goals you’ve probably spent the last few years sitting on your ideas, waiting for a better time to get started, or doubting whether you even have what it takes to be successful. Sound about right?

My only question for you is…how’s that working for you? By now you might be feeling defeated and overlooked but my friend, I know that you know

your story doesn’t end there!

In 90-Days: One Goal I walk you through the entire process for making your goals tangible

That’s right! Step by step, process by process, session after session we work through key principles and fundamental goal-achievement practices that every trailblazer abides by including:

If you want in JUMP ON THE WAITLIST and I’ll be more than happy to let you know once the doors open AND in the meantime between time, I’ll keep you in the loop about how to overcome the hurdles you’re working through right now!

the reviews

I keep crushing my goals and creating new ones!
After working with Theresa I feel more optimistic, inspired, and motivated. I'm excited for what the future brings as I keep crushing my goals and creating new ones. The direct and personal reviews were great as a chance to discuss weekly progress thoroughly. Theresa's enthusiasm to mentor was most enjoyable, life-changing, and extremely contagious as I felt it gave me an extra push to set and achieve my goals.
- A. Thompson
You pushed me out of my comfort zone!
The past 6 weeks have been amazing and I loved every minute of our coaching calls. You truly helped me to realize that anything is possible and pushed me out of my comfort zone. You also really helped to steer me in the right direction and keep me laser focused on my goals.
- S. Asburn
I learned tools that helped me to rewrite my story and take action to pursue my dreams
I had good ideas but no execution and I was allowing life to just happen to me. In your program I learned tools that helped me to rewrite my story and take action to pursue my dreams. Since then I started an online business to help people to be motivated and encouraged
- s. nichols

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Imperfect action leads to your destiny. I’m going to walk you through how you can get your butt off the sidelines and into a purposeful life that is constantly progressing oh and trust me, it’s way simpler than you think.

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