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Master Your 5% Activities

here's the truth

Oprah wasn’t built in a day

You know what it took? Time. People who manage their time well have better relationships, experience less stress, and consistently have higher productivity levels than those  who spend their time staying busy all day working on all the wrong things.

The Cold Hard Truth Is:

If you DON’T learn how to take control of your time and stop filling your schedule with unnecessary tasks that only cause burnout and frustration you will NOT achieve YOUR personal goals and there is nothing more depressing than having dreams unfufilled and goals unrealized and a heart full of regret

for not realizing this sooner

So here’s the million dollar question

What do I need to do to get better at managing my time? I’m glad you asked! If you’re like the average person, you have already tried 13 different methods to control and manage your time and now you have nothing to show for it. So where do you go from here?

it’s simple get clear key performance indicators!

sound familiar?

Most people Who struggle to manage their time think...

There is so much to do and so little time

But we know based on principle that time is infinite because it was here before you were born and it will continue long after you are gone.

So if time is infinite and you are restricted in how much you can accomplish in a day wouldn’t you want to use time in the most effective way possible so you can actually achieve your goals and live a purposeful life?

So here’s the real reason why you haven’t been able to achieve your goals…

You’re wasting the time that you have

the reviews

now I am fighting harder by taking action so that my dreams can become reality.
"I was allowing life to just happen to me while sitting back hoping that one day things will be different, but now I am fighting harder by taking action so that my dreams can become reality.”
- S. Nichols

it's getting worse!

Instead of life getting better everyday

You  feel more and more exhausted from being overworked and underappreciated. You want to establish some really clear boundaries with your friends and family but you’re not sure how to do it without it being misinterpreted as  rude or selfelfish, and you’re tired of having these big dreams that are never followed up with sustained aaction because your calendar is too full of other peoples priorities and quite frankly you’re tired.

At your core you’re starting to feel like you’re losing yourself

and that's okay!

the pressure you feel is totally normal

Doing your best to get everything done and trying to be all things for all people comes with a lot of pressure! And truth be told, you probably haven’t stopped because this is all you know how to do

So why don’t we pump the breaks for a little bit and get you back on track so you can focus all of your good intentions and strong work ethic on getting the right things done at the time.

the reviews

Thank you SO MUCH
Thank you SO MUCH for this Tee! I loved the goal breakdown and I felt like you were talking directly to me throughout the training!
- A. Davidson


Master Your 5% Activities

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Master Your 5% Activities isn’t a basic fluff-filled time management resource like all the others you may have tried. IT’S A READY OR NOT HERE I COME action-oriented, flip everything you think you know about time on it’s head and become the creater of your life program that gets you into the habit of managing your time effectively…Which by the way produces growth in your life!

in master your 5% activities you will learn:

It’s time to transform YOUR LIFE! Just like it’s done for these Trailblazers!

the reviews

The past couple of weeks have been amazing
The past couple of weeks have been amazing and I loved every minute of our coaching calls. You truly helped me to realize that anything is possible and pushed me out of my comfort zone. You also really helped to steer me in the right direction and keep me laser focused on my goals
- S. Asburn

the breakdown

master your 5% activities contains EXERCISES and COACHING specifically created to move you out of overwhelm and fear and into aligned action!

as seen in

Here's Why I practice what I teach in
master your 5% activities

you can achieve more while doing less

Minimize Overworking,
Stress, & Anxiety

With the old outdated system and belief, your growth is dependent on your EFFORT, but what if you didn't have to grind as hard, put as much stress on your body, or struggle your way to success and you could effectively attain your goal in less time? Would you test it out?

Maximize Productivity & Performance

If you're like most struggling trailblazers then chances are you're operating from this unproductive outdated system and belief that you need an annual goal. Maximize Your Effort and Create Steady growth Overtime

Crush Your Goals
In Less Time
Than You Think

You know the old saying "when you know better you do better" so what are you waiting for? Approval? Someone to come along side and co-sign that your dreams are possible and you have what it takes?. This need will keep you trapped.

the reviews

this gave me the confidence to dream bigger than I ever thought possible (and actually go after these dreams!)
Working with Theresa helped me to know more about myself so that I could make better career decisions. I can honestly say that I came alive after working through this program. It gave me the permission (I didn’t know I was looking for) to be myself, it gave me the validation I needed to stand out and do what felt aligned for me in my everyday life which included setting strong boundaries with family, and it gave me the confidence to dream bigger than I ever thought possible (and actually go after these dreams!). It was a challenging road but I’m glad I took this program.
- L. Smith


i’m Tee! Your New Accountability Partner

Over the last year I’ve been privately coaching and working with 6-figure online entrepreneuers helping them to manage their time, energy, and focus in ways that are productive and condusive to creating the kind of life and business they desire!

After noticing a common denominator between how they were achieving their goals and the personal development they committed to in the process I decided to put together a resource that many could access to create the same level of transformation in  their life!

Because I get it! Not everyone is able to invest in high-ticket private coaching so in this bundle, I bring the private coaching experience to you! Making it accessible so money is no longer the excuse you hide behind for not doing the things you REALLY want to do

frequently asked questions

The Trailblazer bundle has no start or end date. When you enroll you get to work at your own pace from the comfort of WHEREEVER you wanna be! In your bed, on the train, it doesn’t matter!

PLUS with no pressing deadline you get work through the content as quickly as you want or as slow as you want!


This is the kind of program you will come back to time and time again! It’s not like most traditional one and done online courses that you may have taken in the past

The Trailblazer Bundle is your timeless go to goal achievement step-by-step guide that you never out grow or get tired of doing!

(especially with all of the continual updates you get access to at NO ADDITIONAL COST!)

Because when you enroll you get LIFETIME ACCESS which include all future updates, bonuses, office hours (Q & A sessions), and more!

I LOVE this question because the value you get is INSANE!

When you grab this bundle your enrollment includes:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL the programs and bonuses including but not limited to content, training videos, worksheets, templates, and more!  To help you achieve your dreams! (Over $2,000 Value)
  • Coaching and support that will accelerate your learning curve and catapult your growth so you can get to your NEXT LEVEL with ease and confidence! ($1,497 Value)
  • Step-by-step support and processes for EVERY STAGE OF YOUR JOURNEY. Whether you’re just getting started or have been at this thing for a  while. ($997 Value)
  • I am giving you customizable quarterly calendars and planners, templates, and plug and play resources YOU WILL USE to help better manage your time, complete projects, and run your race to the FINISH LINE! (Over $1,000 Value) 
  • Get unlimited support from the Theresa Forever customer success team! Just send an email to customersuccess@TheresaForever.com and they will be more tan happy to help!  (Priceless)

Plus These Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Alignment Understand the truth about what you were made to do and how to make it happen. (Value $497)

Bonus #2: Master Your 5% Activities (Value $297)
Discover how the most effective trailblazers manage their time and always get things done without overwhelm

Bonus #3: The Fast-Track Method: Climbing Mount Everest in 30-days
(Value $397)

The most efficient way to go from struggling goal-getter to progressive trailblazer in as little as 30 days

Total Value: $6,685
But Your Investment is only $297 today!

Yes! When you enroll you can get started for only $257 today followed by 3 installments of $257! 

My guarantee to you is that I am 100% committed to your success. Are you 100% committed to getting to your next level?

Are you ready to do the work? Are you ready to turn your knowledge into tangible results? Because if you are this is the place for you. 

If you trust the process laid out for you in this program you will get to the finish line like a champ!

As long as YOU show up, do the work, and stick with the steps laid out for you, YOU WILL SUCCEED.

You also have a 30-day money back am committed to your breakthrough as long as you are committed to being consistent, doing the work, and applying the things you learn.

No transformation happens on it’s own. No matter how great a coach is the team player stil have to do the exercises, train, eat right, and do what is required to win the game.

That is exactly what we’re doing here in Alignment. I will coach and guide you to the finish line, but you have to do the work. 

Great question! This program has built in coaching, exercises, and tools to help you move your life from where you are to where you want to be!

In the process questions come up so you get unlimited access to the customer success team who are directly trained and coached by Theresa to support you every step of the way!

Just send an email to CustomerSuccess@TheresaForever.com and the team will take care of you!

Still Have Questions?

If you have any unanswered questions about anything regarding The Trailblazer Bundle shoot us an email!