3 Fears That Will Keep You Stuck If You Don’t Get Rid of Them


3 Fears That Will Keep You Stuck If You Don’t Get Rid of Them

Nelson Mandela said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Can I ask you something? How often do you feel fear? Maybe you said, “a few times a day, or more than you’d like.” That’s cool. Thanks for answering honestly!

Can I ask you something else? When you feel fear, how often do you allow that emotion to determine the choices you make?

Here is an example:

You might have a really cool dream of starting an online business, but this nagging voice of fear keeps pushing it’s ugly head up saying, “Well, if you start a business what happens if you don’t get any clients? Without clients, you have no sales and without sales, you don’t have money. No money equals failure so what are you going to do?”

After considering this train of thought for a while you begin to panic because truthfully, you’ve never done this before! Now thoughts like, ” I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m a failure, there is no point in starting a business” and all kinds of lies (fear-based ideas) begin to fill your mind and you make a decision to do nothing.

How many times has this happened to YOU!? Haha, well today let’s address it! I want to talk about the 3 fears that you NEED to let go of if you want to move your life forward this year and become all you were destined to be. Hit play and let’s chat!

1. fear of being judged

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to be liked! That’s right, we all (including me) want to be understood, have a safe place to be ourselves, and be accepted just as we are. If you said “no” you are lying to yourself! Lol!

The fear of being judged shows up in our lives as a mask we wear. We hide our real self behind this mask because if we are honest, we don’t want to be rejected, labeled, or criticized for being who we are. We want to protect ourselves from people’s insensitive, negative, or downright rude opinions and so we walk around using our mask as a shield.

But what if I told you there was absolutely no need for you to wear this anymore. Would you believe me? Because here’s the truth. You are already loved and accepted as you are right now! And here’s another truth. Whether you wear a mask or not some people will still choose to judge, label, and criticize you so is the “problem” really YOU or is it the person who is choosing to judge and misunderstand you?

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Let me help you. People who chose to criticize others only do this because they do it to themself. They are not happy with themself and so they see and treat others in their world as they do themself. So baby, it’s not personal! People who always have something negative to say about you has nothing to do with you, your worth, or the value you bring. It is not a reflection of you at all! It’s a reflection of their brokenness! So don’t let someone who doesn’t know who they are lead you into thinking that you are less than amazing because my friend, you are all that in a bag of chips and then some! Okay!? Good! *wink*

2. fear of failure

This kills dreams before they even get started. Taryn Rose said, “fear regret more than failure.” Before you talk yourself out of doing something that you know will take your life or business to the next level consider the consequences! What are you ultimately letting go of and saying “no” to when you say “yes” to fear? What kind of limitations are you placing on yourself when you give into a fear-based idea? Who are you becoming when you allow yourself to be restricted by fear?

These are all of the questions that I ask myself when I feel fear trying to creep in and lead me astray. We all know that fear is false evidence appearing real, but how do we work through it? What can we use to counter this false evidence? I’m going to share with you the only thing that I know that absolutely works 100% against fear. Ready for it?! The answer is…love!

I want you to understand that no matter how many times you fall you can get back up because you’re loved and accepted just as you are. Understand that growth happens in stages and you are a work in progress so as long as you keep working on yourself you will continue to make progress! Accept that you are valuable and you have something the world is looking for!

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Not having all of the steps figured out is not a reason to hold yourself back from getting started. Not having the right connections or knowing the right people is not a reason to delay your purpose. Not understanding everything there is to know within your industry is not a reason to label yourself as unqualified. You have something to offer right where you are and the honest truth is, the people you are here to serve don’t need you to know everything is there to know about your industry. All they are looking for is someone who is a few steps ahead of them! So go on! Share your expertise because all you have is exactly what someone else needs!

3. fear of missing out

This is one of the biggest distractions I see so many people fall into! We don’t want to be excluded from what everyone else is doing so we go along simply to fit in. We think if we aren’t there we are MIA (missing in action). But what exactly are we missing out on?
If we are here on this earth to complete a mission shouldn’t that be our primary focus? Why do we want to waste time fitting in with people who have a totally different mission from ours and is probably off course because they are distracted!

Now, don’t get me wrong here. It’s good to enjoy good company. Spend time with your friends, get to know new people, surround yourself with people who inspire. That’s all good. I do this every Sunday! But listen to me closely, if you want to be great and do all of the amazing things God made you to do then you can’t spend all day, every day like this! 
You have to set boundaries with yourself and with others. You have to be intentional about how you use your time and you have to value yourself enough to be okay with “missing out” on some things because here’s the truth…you really are worth it. Your dreams are worth it. Your life is worth it and your destiny is WORTH IT! hit play to dive into this. I hold NOTHING back!


I want you to think about this. Nelson Mandela said, “May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.” Can you say this is true about your life or are you currently making permanent decisions based on a temporary emotion (fear)? If so, what is one thing you can do today to break this habit? Build your life on truth not people’s opinions or past experiences. Don’t know where to find the truth? Well, that’s easy. For me, it all started with the bible! Until next time, stop dreaming and start doing! Love you, xo!
Theresa Forever

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